Gone To The Dogs

Yep, I’m celebrating “me,” gone to the dogs on my eightieth birthday, loving it and loving me. Say “What?” Before you start thinking I need a course on humility or a psychiatrist to examine my head, you need to know it’s the “me” who’s “No longer I, but Christ” that I laud. And the dogs I’ve gone to are not just “Ziggy” (victory protection) and “Theo” (God’s gift) that you see in the photo, but the “Calebs” in my life. Did you know that “Caleb”’s name means “dog: wholehearted, faithful, loyalty, and devotion”? It’s those that have this name who will be coming into wholeness-…. Yay! into their inheritance, even the full measure of the stature of Christ.

Dogs have been said to be man’s best friend and that’s for a reason: They love you no matter what, and only God can bring those who love no matter what into our lives. Yes, I’ve gone to the dogs many times, and their tongues of love have been a mainstay for me. 

My family surprised me with an early celebration of my birthday, and I felt more loved than if a hundred dogs were licking me all over and wagging their tails to the song: “Isn’t She Beautiful!?” I know, I know: The thought of dogs licking you, especially a hundred of them, is not in your wildest dreams, but these are “Caleb” dogs and I see their tongues covering me with words of life,….not slobber! Here are some pictures of that kind of “Caleb-Love”:


My son, daughter, and I
My Family, minus my daughter who took this picture.
A Love Set-Up

I believe that in celebrating ourselves and celebrating others, we are acknowledging the work God has accomplished in our lives. I think everyone has had the “accuser” point his finger at all the bad things that HE has done through us. Therefore we have seen ourselves through the devil’s eyes, but NO MORE!! Look at who we once were, and look at us NOW!

Yesterday, while I was praying with someone battling Lou Gehrig’s disease for over four years, the word “Caleb-sire” came in my tongues. After that word came, I had a vision of the Lord spitting into His hand with His saliva looking like a pool in the palm of it. If you remember the times that our Lord healed with His spit, you’ll be encouraged as I was over this vision and word. What my friend is walking through is a “hell” that my mother experienced which caused her death, but my mother did not know the Lord until just before she died, and consequently did not have the Word built up in her like this faithful believer does.

This morning when I thought of her, I heard the words “being carried,”…. and then the Holy Spirit said: “She’s being carried into another realm.” Oh yes, she and others who are like Caleb, sired by the spirit of faith, are going to be carried into celestial and terrestrial realms… even the third heaven. They shall not be moved by the giants of disease, poverty, prison, or any other demonic stronghold because they KNOW God will deliver them from ALL their troubles! He heals us of ALL our diseases and forgives us of ALL our sins.

God’s hand in the vision represents His power, and I believe that God is fixing to do more than He did than when He healed the blind man and the deaf one. That pool of spit in His hand is gene-changing and hear it: Those who go on into perfection are going to be REGENED! It’ll cost us everything, and if we pay the price of forsaking all to be His disciples, we are going to hear multitudes upon multitudes in heaven singing “Happy Birthday” to us.

Yay! The long awaited “Reborn Ones” will have come! Hallelujah!

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  1. HAPPY 80TH BIRTHDAY MICHELE. 🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂
    You look wonderful in the photos and nice to see your family.
    Much love on this very special occasion sent all the way from Australia.

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    • Oh Jen, what precious love you have sent me. My heart is so touched and has the biggest smile ever in it…. It’s a “love set-up”!
      God bless, bless and bless you, dear friend.


    • Thank you dear Joseph. It’s been one of the best ever…. Very simple and full of love. I appreciate your stopping by giving a brother’s blessing. I pray much happiness in the form of joy back to you.
      ❤️Your Sister


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