Called To Bless

The fraternal twins were as different as twilight and night. “Toner” always brought light with her wherever she went, for her destiny was to change lives by raying out the peace which had been given to her by the Lord to help others. She had the ability to tone down negative thinking in others, enabling them to grasp higher thinking, which of course could change them.

“Toner” was a delight, and on every assignment, she could be heard singing: “I’m happy I’m me!” and that was because she knew her God and doing His will was her greatest joy. Everyone was touched by her, except for her sister “Grumbler.” Try as she might to make a difference in “Grumbler”’s life, it was of no avail. It greatly saddened “Toner” until she cried out to God from the depth of her being on her sister’s behalf. The angel “Gabrielle,” who was assigned to both of them in the unseen realm, manifested herself visibly to her saying: “Don’t worry ‘Toner’: God has a plan, but your sister needs more than toning by you. “Grumbler” needs to be struck by lightning because twilight’s light is not enough to work the work of the “Holy Word Made Spiritual Flesh” in her. You’ve done your part, and now ‘El Elyon,’ the Most High God, will do His, so continue to be your sweet self and just love her. When she’s changed, she shall be called “The Blesser” and have a message that only reformed grumblers can give to the world-…. the much, much needed message of transformed flesh that each one who pays the price of forsaking all to become a disciple of Jesus shall have.”

Then the angel stooped down and covered “Toner” with her wings, and the impartation of comfort that came from them was like nothing she had ever felt before. “Gabrielle”’s wings had the essence of the Father’s love in them, which the wings of prayer always have. That’s what angels’ wings are-…. even the communication of God carrying and imparting heavenly thoughts by the Spirit’s wind. Every person is called to have the wings of prayer as their own, for angels’ wings are but outward signs and witnesses of this reality.

The words and the impartation of life from the angel filled “Toner” with an even greater peace, which enabled her to rest from her works. She knew that she knew her sister would change, and when she visited her the next time, “Toner”’s smile was so radiant, “Grumbler” couldn’t help but see something major had happened to this changed one. However, a scowl immediately came on her face because her sister’s joy caused her to realize her own lack of it.

Poor “Grumbler”: How could she be any different?: She was born “grumbling” because her genes, unlike her sister’s, carried the curse of “the thorn” in them that “Toner” didn’t have passed down in hers…. It was “Grumbler,” not “Toner,” who had the high calling of the “Melchizedek” order, and all who were called into this order were appointed to have sorrow upon sorrows, even from the time they were in their mother’s womb. These were the ones who would glory in their afflictions and troubles knowing that through much tribulation they would enter the Kingdom of God. Because they understood and believed that all things would work for their good, they gladly suffered. It was ordained that the thorn would remain UNTIL lightning came, because only that form of light could completely transform them out of the death of carnal thinking. Ah, it was soon to strike “Grumbler’s” mind and then, the thorn in her heart would be removed.

The angel “Gabrielle,” whose name means “God is my strength,” was waiting for that day when God’s full essence and strength could be imparted-…. the day of lightning when all the eagles would be gathered together, but before the blessed day could come, there was a secret that had to be known.

You, who are the elect of God, have the angel “Gabrielle” standing by you now, to reveal that secret to you, too. It’s the greatest secret of all, because the Melchizedek order priests are born to be blessers. Hear it: The beginning of the work you are called to do comes first by blessing yourself:…. It is and shall be the Father in you and through you who shall bless you through your own lips of glory.

Behold: The day is at hand in which all the ones who cry out: “Oh wretched man, that I am, who shall deliver me?” shall be saved by the One inside of them doing the blessing and inspiring them to bless, bless, and bless more. Are you who have been carnal far too long, and wretched too, going to be a part of the reformed grumblers saying: “I bless myself”? Do you realize that you can not love others if you don’t love yourself? It is the same as with blessing: It is not sacrilege to bless yourself with your own tongue, for it is not you, but Christ in you, as you, doing it. If you learn this WONDER-secret, you will become a blesser of everyone, and finally, God Himself shall be blessed to the uttermost because of YOU. Yay! “Bless God! Bless God! Bless God!” all you holy ones!

You are the “Blessers” who have the key to eternity’s door of “Joy”!

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