Prodded to Become Glorious

The princess sat cross-legged on the floor in her beautiful party dress with a big scowl on her face. “I’m not budging!” she told herself. “I’m supposed to be the one everyone is waiting for, and I don’t have what it takes. I can’t pretend anymore.”

An angel called “Interrogation” realized his assignment to help her move forward  was not going to be easy…. Scowls and belligerence were not acceptable in the kingdom, but seeing that the princess had come to realize she was not adequate in herself to fulfill her destiny, he sensed that there was hope for her. A huge smile came on his face as another angel with a very big stick came to assist him. That stick was called “The Prodder,” and it never failed to work when it was time for change, and the princess’ time had come. Without some prodding, no man could accomplish God’s will, and this angel’s stick always accomplished its purpose because what else would you expect from one called “Good Things To Come”?

The first move was made by “Interrogation” who manifested His presence visibly to the princess. She had lost her name “Beauty” when she took on the name “Doubting,” and was miserable ever since. “What are you doing there on the floor, young lady, frowning and depressed. Don’t you know that you have important things to do?”

The princess was so startled she nearly jumped out of her skin, which was exactly the plan of the Most High God, who did not want His people living in their fleshly ways, but in the spirit. The angel who was seven feet tall bent down to look at “Doubting” squarely in her eyes, knowing that the penetration of his light through them would drive away her fear and calm her. Sure enough it did, and then “Interrogation” humbly sat down next to her to accomplish his work of getting the little one knowledgeable about herself and about God.  

“I am the angel “Interrogation” who has always been with you, who you’ve not been able to see until today, he tenderly informed her. “My mission has been to bring thoughts to your mind in order for you to see yourself as you really are. My name literally means “to stretch out (the hand)”, and you can not have the power of God working in your life without me doing what I’ve been called to do. I am the one ordained to bring questions to you, the same as the  questions that need to be answered when anyone passes a test for their promotion. Everyone needs to pass a test before they are fit for their calling. My job is to prepare you for the final examination, so young lady, stand up now and pay attention. Tell me: What do you know about “paying attention”?

A big sigh came out of her because from the time she could remember, her parents were always telling her: “Pay attention!” and sometimes she did and other times she didn’t. THAT was the problem and she realized it the moment the angel asked the question. “I’m sorry to say I haven’t always paid attention to the words of my parents and teachers, and I can see how not doing so has cost me much.” She hung her head low as she spoke in a humility she didn’t have before, and it was stimulated by the fear of the Lord that came with the angel. 

“Ah, you are learning, dear princess. If you will ask the Lord to give you revelation of what is in your heart every day, and seek His help in overcoming all that’s in it that is not like Him, you will be well on your way to having the rulership that’s rightfully yours. There is much knowledge and wisdom to acquire before you are ready, and I’ve been called to present the questions that you must answer in order for you to go on into perfection. You won’t have the answers unless you ask for them, so pay attention to the Word of God, the still small voice within you, to the books written by the “Anointed Ones,” and to the messengers He sends to you. 

When the angel had finished speaking, once more “Interrogation” looked the princess in the eye who was no longer doubting. This time he extended the power to receive his words, and it came with such might that her face shone like the sun which was the sign that a new day had begun for her. There’d be no more frowns or depression hindering her walk, because the hunger for righteousness and for the knowledge of the Word of God had been imparted to her. 

The other angel, “Good Things To Come” shouted praises, singing “Glory to God” so loud, the ground shook underneath the princess’s feet. He took out his big golden stick and touched her on the head like it’s done when one is crowned in rulership… “Now you shall go forth having a teachable spirit, growing in such wisdom and grace that it shall astound the world, ‘Good Things To Come’ shouted ecstatically. “Your name “Beauty” has been given back to you and all in the kingdom will know you throughout eternity as “Beauty for Ashes,” a faithful, victorious one,…. even the Beloved of God. Yay, the stick, my stick, ‘The Prodder,’ shall prodd you onto glory and into WONDERful things to come.”

Can you see her coming forth now? Do you know who this princess is?: She’s YOU:…

“The Holy Essence of God”!

Categories: Allegories, Writings

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