What Happens To The Lake Of Fire

Yesterday while praying with a friend, I had a vision of God’s mouth, and out of His tongue came multitudes and multitudes of rubies. A ruby’s meaning is “fullness of grace” and God is not only revealing it to us, He’s manifesting it in our lives. We have been under the schoolmaster of the law long enough, and hallelujah, just like Jesus, overcomers, even the firstfruits, are finally coming forth in truth and grace. 

In this post I am going to expose a lie that many have believed which is contradictory to God’s grace. We know that all of us who have received the Lord Jesus as our savior, did so through grace, not through our own goodness or good works. The Lord said that no man can come to Him unless the Father draws him, (John 6:44) but do we believe it? If we realized that the wicked can’t come to Jesus unless He draws them, we wouldn’t judge and condemn them for not believing in Him, would we? Look at the Apostle Paul’s experience and see how it was God who initiated the process, not Paul, and likewise it is the same for us. So where did we get the idea that we choose God? It’s not in the Bible, for it’s recorded that Jesus said: “You have not chosen me, but I have chosen you.” (John 15: 16) It is also written that God raised Pharaoh up to demonstrate His power and that Jesus chose Judas as a disciple knowing beforehand what he would do. So I ask: What about the evil ones in OUR lives?

It’s God who’s in charge, and He is the One who created them and hell for a purpose. Yes, the wicked will pay for the horrible things they’ve done, and when I think of our Lord saying that it would have been better for Judas had he never been born, I tremble at the woes he, and all evil doers, will face. Truly our God is just and does not wink at sin, but I’ve learned something that has given me a perspective that has changed my heart: I hope you will consider what I’m going to share, pray about it and search the Word of God for verification.

The Bible says that the penalty for sin is “death,”….. It is NOT endless torment which so many Christians believe. The last place “hell” is mentioned in the Bible is that it is cast into the lake of fire, which is called the “second DEATH.” The first death, the second death…. ALL death is going to be no more, as death is the LAST enemy that Jesus will destroy, so tell me: How can the second death (the lake of fire) and hell that shall be cast into it still exist after everything is reconciled and restored? The Bible says that EVERYTHING under the earth and above it, shall be restored and made new, and 1 Timothy 4: 10 states that Jesus is the Savior of ALL men, specially of those who believe. That the words “especially those who believe” have been added lets us know that it is “All,” not “SOME” as so many have wrongly concluded.

The reason why most people believe that hell forever is because the Greek words “aion,” “aionos,” and “aiona” (Strong’s Concordance #165) have been mistranslated. In some verses the word “aion” and “aionos” have been translated “forever,” in others “age,” or “age-lasting,” and in one verse “aiona” was written as “world.” How can one word “aion” have both the meanings of “age-lasting” and “forever”? It can’t, because they are opposites, so one of them has to be wrong. Look at Matthew 24:3 in which the disciples ask Jesus “What shall be the sign of your coming , and of the end of the WORLD?” The correct translation is the end of the “age.” If “aiona” means “forever,” then you have to translate that verse: “At the end of forever,” which makes no sense. The only word that fits every time where “aion,” “aionos,” “aiona” are found, is “age,” or “age-lasting.” God, who is “Love,” is not going to have people tormented forever…. Yes, there is hell, and yes, the wicked will know God’s wrath, but it is not going to be forever, like Christendom has taught us. The Bible says that every knee shall bow and confess that Jesus is Lord, and that this confession can’t be made except by the Holy Ghost. (1Cor. 12: 3) No one is going to be saying it with grit teeth, but with true worship, adoring and honoring Him. Through one man “Adam,” every man has been made a sinner, and through the “Second Adam,” the Lord Jesus Christ, every man will be made righteous by His blood.

Another point to be made is that the Bible erroneously states that Jesus Christ is “a priest forever.” It is quite apparent that when sin is no more, there shall be no need for a priesthood to mediate between man and God, the Father. All will have direct access to God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Many have had experiences that when they died, they were taken into hell, and others have had dreams in which they were shown hell and the torment that people endure there. I believe that these kinds of experiences and dreams of hell are of God, but I also believe that when a person is indoctrinated by a belief, he or she can “add” something along with their testimony that is not true, such as hell being “forever.” This happens with prophecy, preaching and teaching as well with an anointing on God’s words, but with some of “self” in them from the soul of man, not the spirit. We need to realize and be grateful that God uses us in ministry when our hearts are pure, despite some of the mixture that’s in us.

Once again I want to draw your attention to the title of this post: “What happens to the Lake of Fire?”: If I put a fish in a bowl and throw that bowl away, the fish is thrown away with the bowl, too. Likewise it’s the same as with hell, which is cast into the Lake of Fire. They both will be GONE FOREVER when death, the LAST enemy is destroyed. Jesus paid the FULL price for our sins when He died, and because He did, there will be no more sorrow and pain…. There will be no more torture either!

Oh the love of God for man! It’s His love and mercy and goodness that are forever,…. NOT hell!!!

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