What Is That Smell?

When we smell something stinky, we say: “WHAT is that awful smell?” When it’s pleasing, it’s “What IS that sweet fragrance?” Nobody likes a putrid stench, so tell me: “What’s YOUR smell  like?”

I remember someone who was a member of the senior citizen’s group I joined, and oh my, we all gagged when she came into the room. She had thirty to forty cats living in her house, and I don’t think anyone ever said “P.U.!” to her, but as bad as it was, I believe that the stench and effect of a Christian living in sin is far worse. I think of how when Achan sinned, the battle at Ai was lost and how so many were killed. It’s important to realize that what we smell like can be an offense or it can be a blessing, and can even affect the well being of others because we’re in a fight against the kingdom of darkness. Only righteous believers who carry the fragrance of the Lord Jesus Christ will defeat the enemy.

I had a dream last night in which I was desiring to have the right fragrance for my car (ministry and life,) and the first word that came as I started to pray this morning was “reminisce.” The Lord brought back to my mind the dearest person I’ve ever known-…. a friend of a friend who went on to be with the Lord twelve years ago. Joanne and I never met face to face, but oh my, did we ever meet in the Spirit. We would pray for hours together several times times a week for fifteen years or so, and the times we had together had glory and heaven’s scent in them that I have never forgotten. Truly, the blessing of the Lord is in the place that brethren dwell in unity. Joanne cherished and loved me like no other, always thinking the best of me. I was astounded by it as I had many flaws and weaknesses, but it was though she never saw them.

I remember when her husband bought her a bottle of “Tresor,” and she just felt I had to have a bottle of that expensive perfume, too. Its name means “treasure” and “storehouse,” and it was not just Joanne’s lovely gift, but Joanne herself that expressed: “You’re a treasure, loved more than you could ever know.” It’s THAT lovely smell, which is the fragrance of the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ, we all need to have. Each one of us is called to be like Joanne and her precious gift,…. even carriers of God’s divine essence. So let it be Lord! Let our lives be a sweet smelling aroma that will draw multitudes into the Kingdom….

Yay! Let YOUR fragrance be ours!

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