It’s In The Hand

These are the words that came in the middle of the night: “A bride is on the horizon: Can you picture her in your mind’s eye carrying a canopy in her hand? When she comes to the mark, that canopy will enlarge to cover not only her, but her bridegroom.”

What a message this is! I believe that the transformation of the soul is the mark that we’ve been aiming at. We’ve undergone many processes to strip us of what has been useless and false, and what we’ve learned has had to be unlearned in order that Christ be fully formed in us. The word I was given last night lets us know that the Bride of Christ is coming forth in all her glory at this time. When what’s in her hand is revealed to all who are a part of her, we’re going to be hearing not only the wedding song, but the entire host of heaven shouting for joy.

A hand represents the power to get what’s needed, and when something is in our hand, we’ve grasped what that is. Oh, oh, oh! Take a look and be amazed at the revelation God has for us in the word “canopy”:…. We are talking about the “Bridal Canopy” (chuppah) sometimes called “huppah,” which is the covering for the bride and groom at their wedding. It’s in her hand to bring it into manifestation, because when Christ is fully formed in the Bride, she has HIS power. I was astounded at what God revealed about the chuppah when I read the following on “Chadad.ORG”:

“The canopy serves a definite, though  complicated legal purpose: It is the decisive act that formally permits the couple’s new status and marriage to be actualized, and is the legal conclusion of the marriage process that began with betrothal. Chuppah symbolizes the groom’s home, and the bride‘s domain. More specifically, the chuppah symbolizes the bridal chamber, where the marital act was consummated in ancient times. The Talmud considers it biblically required for marriage. Originally it was the groom’s home, or an addition to his father’s home into which the bride and groom moved.

Psalm 19:6 speaks of the bride groom emerging from his chuppah, while Joel 2: 16 says, “Let the bridegroom emerge from his chamber (chedro), and the bride from her chuppah.” The tabernacle built in the desert to house the presence of God is described as a bridal canopy. It is a symbol of God’s presence at a wedding and in the home being established under the canopy.”

I remember a dream a couple of years ago that was given to a man I thought I was going to marry. In it I was hidden in a cave getting myself ready in what he said was a bridal chamber. He told me that I was preparing myself for him, but not so. Around the same time he had this dream, my son had put up a canopy in the back yard so I could sit out there shaded from the sun, and a storm with mighty winds came and completely destroyed that canopy. I didn’t have this thought then, but I wonder if it was a sign to me from the Lord saying: “Uh! Uh! That guy is not for you!” Oh thank God that the right one for me and for all of us is the Lord Jesus Christ!

And now I believe it’s time for those of us who are on the mark to do a whole lot of hoopla over the chuppah/huppah…. Oh yes! We’ve got what it takes in our hand!

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