Disinherit That One Sitting On The Throne

What would you think if you heard the words “abdicated self” in the middle of the night? If you’re like me, “Say WHAT??” would be your response, but I’m not saying that now. Instead, a loud, booming “Wow”! and “Hallelujah!” because God doesn’t speak idle words. His intent is always for us to understand and be blessed by the words He speaks.

Tell me: Who have you thought about most over your lifetime? There’s been a lot said about narcissists in the days we’re in, and we think it’s those other guys who are all out for self, not us. It’s true that most of us are not like they are in their extreme form, but we sure do think a lot about “Me, myself and I,” don’t we?….“What am I going to eat? What am I going to wear? Where should I go? Who do I talk to?…. We worry if we said the wrong thing. We look at ourselves in the mirror and think: “Yikes! Oh no! I’m getting old! I’m getting fat! I’m getting bald!” We view our problems and cry out: “I need this! I need that!” and if we’re honest about it, we think about ourselves more than we think about anyone else.

But now it’s time that self got dethroned,…. but how??? The past tense of the word “abdicated” indicates that it’s been DONE!…. Huh? It doesn’t look like it to me, and I’m pretty sure not to you either, but have a look at the etymology of the word “abdicate”: It means “to disown, disavow, reject, disinherit.” And listen to this: It literally means: “PROCLAIM as not belonging to one.” Hey! Hey! Hey! (The word “hey” means “spirit”) Truly, WHAT we say is what we get! Our true identity is not the flesh, but the spirit, and it’s time that the “flesh-self” desists by our proclaiming it. We’re the kids of the One God Who calls everything done BEFORE it is seen, felt, heard, touched, or smelled. Are we following our daddy?

Oh brethren, self is not to rule! It was dethroned long ago on the cross of Jesus Christ,….. disinherited THEN. How long are we going to walk in unbelief? God SPOKE everything into existence, and He’s told us that life and death is in OUR tongue.

I say: “Self no longer sits on the throne of my life!” I not only say it: I proclaim it with the voice of authority, as my Father is directing me to do now. How about you? Jesus rules, NOT self! When I prayed in tongues over the last few months, the word “abro” came in the midst of them, and also “abro destiny.” In the Urban dictionary, it states that “abro” can be applied to a person that lacks any self awareness. Wow! What a witness “abro” is! This is what God is after and is bringing to pass NOW!

Oh happy day! An abdicated self not only means that we’ll stop being aware of self, self, self, but that we’ll have a continual awareness of God and others. Hallelujah that a new name has been promised to us and I believe it just might be “Abro” with a thousand other names rolled into one called:

“His Love Manifested”!

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