Mind Your Beeswax

The Lord gave me a word in the morning that’s got me buzzin, like a bee that’s found a flower to pollinate. It was “beeswax,” and I plan to build a honeycomb with you out of it. According to “https://idioms.thefreedictionary.com” “Folk etymology tells us that American colonial women stood over a kettle and stirred wax to make candles. If they didn’t pay attention, the wax of fire might burn their hair or clothing. Someone who let her concentration wander would be reminded to “mind your own beeswax.”

When I read this, I thought about how our spirit is the candle of the Lord searching out the innermost parts of our being, and that THIS is the business we are to mind. Oh yes: making honey (getting enlightenment) is a major part of our calling. We gotta have honey dos for the One we love and for the world that’s waiting for our light and our love.

Do you know why bees make honey combs?: During the cold month of winter, when they are unable to gather nectar and pollen outside the hive, they have to rely on the honey resources they built up. Likewise, when our cold winters of troubles come, we have to depend on the Word we’ve built up in our hearts. Without searching our innermost parts with the light of our candle, we would have nothing to buy the gold (divine) words tried in the fire with which to construct our houses of treasure. We must know our hearts, and it’s through God’s light that our light gets lit so we can make honey and buy gold.

I found it fascinating to learn how “worker bees forage for food from different plants. The pollen mixes with a specialized enzyme, which is transferred from their tongues to other bees’ tongues. The process enables the nectar to be evaporated to later become honey. The glands of the worker bees convert the sugar contents of honey into wax, and they have to consume 8 oz of honey in order to produce one ounce of wax. Bees pollinate approximately 25,000 flowers to produce 1 oz of honey, which means bees have to pollinate 1 million flowers to make enough honey to make that ounce of wax.

To tip off their fellow bees to the best sources of nectar, bees do what’s called a “waggle dance. This little dance is a unique form of communication that signals the distance and direction of the nectar source so that the other bees can find it.” (https://passthehoney.com)

Can you see the parallels of the bees building a hive with our building a house that is for our King to reign in, as theirs is for their queen? It’s our “tongues” that are going to do it, out of pure hearts as we share and preach the truth, and as we do the waggle dance in faith, love and grace, we point to our source- …. even our Lord’s potent drink like no other, that gives us life.

Bees are symbolic of “prophecy,” and it’s through our speaking and believing prophecy that we become the finished house of the “Living One”…. even his glorious temple. So come on now, all you minding your beeswax: It’s time to waddle and tell the world: “WE are the house that the Lord has made….

and we are soooo glad!”

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