Aww Nuts!

“Startled” was start-led by what she saw: It was bigger than a bang! It was atoms,…. even her own atoms becoming what they were not. The “change” was destined before ever the world was and God had given her eyes to see it in blueprint form, then written in her mind, and there was no stopping her now from becoming what she saw.

A trail of peanuts was on her trail of “becoming.” Who would have thought that her new beginning would start with peanuts?-…. Only God!

Behold the etymology of the peanut and its breakdown: A peanut is a “small, or unimportant person.” A pea is the seed of a hardy leguminous vine” and a nut is “the fruit of certain trees and shrubs which have the seed enclosed in a woody covering not opening when ripe.”…. see nucleus: “testicle”: The slang sense of the word is: “the amount of money required for something.” Nucleus led to “testical nucleus” which is the “positively charged central core of an atom….the central point of an atom.”

Truly, only those who are little in their own eyes,…. only those who are the seed attached to the vine,…. and only those who contain the “genetic material” for transformation will have their atoms changed. Yay, the ones who work out the transformation of their souls will be transfigured, and then shall be saved, spirit, soul AND body. Tell me: Who would have thought that such a message could come from a peanut?

Or who could have ever imagined how wonderful it would be to be a “nut”? Only the One Who created us, and also, those whose pineal glands shall be activated to bring forth the “Wonder,” even nut-meat in them,…. Yay, those who do the will of God.

So what can be said now, but “Let’s start crackin’! The world’s been waiting long enough for us!

Categories: Allegories, Writings

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