The Sheep That Lost Her Tale

“Seeing that you have purified your souls in obeying the truth through the Spirit unto love of the brethren, see that you love one another with a pure heart fervently.” (1Peter:22)

I have a picture of my beautiful mother dressed as “Little Bo Peep” holding a shepherd’s staff, and my mind’s eye pictures one lost sheep that didn’t come home wagging her tail behind her, because she had no tail. Her happy emotions were killed long ago by “Rejection,” the wolf that almost ate her alive. 

Of all the emotions that do the greatest damage, I believe that rejection is one of the worst. We are called to honor and to love one another,…. to even go one step further: We are to cherish one another. How many in the body of Christ do we love fervently? Of great concern to God and to all of us is: “Who don’t we love?” as we are called to be “One.” It’s possible that the tail of the lamb we’ve cut off, has a tail-tale in the end that we need to hear.

I smile when I think of wagging tails that proclaim the joy of “belonging.” Ask the Lord today if there’s someone that in faith you can call forth a tail, and then be the good shepherd that will bring that lost sheep home to the fold.

Every sheep needs love and their “bahs” turned into “ahs”!

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  1. very true.

    But, we must go where God leads us to because if do not we may be rejected and harmed.

    There are so many I tried to bring into Jesus’ flock that not only rejected but were very nasty to me.

    May the Good Sheppard bless you with many opportunities to bring the little lost lamps into His flock


    • Leap for joy, dear brother…. You were following in the steps of Jesus, the disciples and all who preach the Word…. They were stoned and the disciples were crucified in the end, except for John, so preach on “true follower,” no matter what the cost! You shall have your reward!


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