True Pleasure Is Coming

“Lost Integrity” could not believe who was getting the “Rainbow Crown.” “It can’t be! It can’t be! I’m the one who deserves it,” he wailed. “She’s a nobody! She’s not worthy!” But there she was: the chosen one, who was demure and sweet, but strong inside with the audacity to stand tall. “Becoming Alive” was beginning to see herself as she really was… inferior to no one.

In his misery, “Lost Integrity” was trying to understand what it was that changed her. As he beheld her when the angel called “Reward Revealer” pointed her out to him, he recognized that “Becoming Alive” wasn’t the same. Her body wasn’t bowed over as it always had been, her head was held high, she no longer stammered, and her voice was strong with a ring of confidence that he hadn’t heard before.

“Lost Integrity” had belittled and scorned her because she did not have the accomplishments he had, and because he didn’t value her after she had revealed her weaknesses to him. “Why should I value her, when she downplays herself?” he reasoned. He didn’t know that this one valued truth more than the image she presented to others. She was transparent with him, desiring that he know that speaking the truth brought glory to God and that it was what she wanted most of all,… not her own glory.

“Lost Integrity,” on the other hand, wanted all the glory for himself and to be admired by everyone, but he had not always been like that. When he was a child, he obeyed his parents doing everything that was asked of him, and he excelled in all he put his hand to do. He loved everyone and never was rude or cruel to anyone, but later in life, a drastic change came over him. He had gotten used to the honor and praise given to him, and because of it, he compared himself to others and judged them when he saw their weaknesses. He hid his own and it got to the place that when they appeared, he denied he had them…. In a strange, mixed up way, he believed he didn’t have them.

The change had come after he lied to his father. After that lie, there were many more and guilt and shame were pushed down deep inside him, so that his conscience no longer functioned. He blindly and ruthlessly approached life believing that others were at fault,…. never him.

Now the woman he devalued, persecuted and slandered was going to receive the reward he thought would be his, and not only that: he was going to have to be present when she was crowned. The angel “Reward Revealer” was the one who made the announcement: “The King requires that everyone in the Kingdom attend the crowning of “Becoming Alive” who shall be given a new name. Come and behold his chosen one!”

“Lost Integrity” did not receive the announcement well. “I will not go!” he shouted in loud defiance, but a little bird who heard him quickly flew to the King’s bedchamber to tell the king. Oh the wrath that was stirred up in him made all in the palace tremble. To defy a king’s command was a very unwise thing to do, for the law in the kingdom was that everyone who defied the king would be chained to the tree of sorrow with bitter fruit to eat until they understood their folly.

And so the king’s guards bound “Lost Integrity” hand and foot and chained him to the tree where he was to come to realize what he had done. He would not be defying the king again after that, but he still had to repent of his lies and of his looking down on people, especially of his doing so to “Becoming Alive.” He was unchained on the day of her crowning, forced to behold her glory… and what glory it was! He was astonished because his eyes and all the people’s eyes were anointed to see the “Wonder”…. She had the full glory of the Father in her, and her beauty was greater than the sun, the moon and the stars all together. “Lost Integrity” was ashamed that he has esteemed her as nothing, especially when he heard her new name “True Pleasure.” How sorry he was indeed!

The King’s Beloved was the first to be given the id’s new identity, which also had the name of “True Pleasure.” Its old one was “Pleasure For Self,” and the King’s Beloved was granted the power to introduce the id’s new identity to those in the kingdom who could receive it. As they all stood in line to congratulate her, the rainbow colors on her crown would flash, indicating those who were ready. When she came to “Lost Integrity,” he bowed low and kissed her feet. When he arose, with trembling lips and tears in his eyes, he asked for her forgiveness and as he did, the rainbow colors not only flashed, they covered his entire being. A mighty, quick work had been done in this sorrowing one, for all his sins had come to light through the seven fold spirit penetrating deep within him causing full repentance of them to come. The bells of holiness rang, the angels praised, the daystars sang, and dew came from on high filling his head.

It was then that the King laughed: “Behold: My glorious One has initiated the first of many to have their new id…. It is through “True Pleasure” that integrity shall be restored in every man. Let it be known here and now, that it’s doing the King’s good pleasure. All in the kingdom shall be doing it soon, and great blessing shall be upon those who bear the name “Integrity.” And it came to pass that “Integrity” and “True Pleasure” were married…. even the union of the soul and the spirit.

Can you who have lost your integrity see the flashing of the rainbow’s crown now? If so, “True Pleasure” shall indeed, be YOURS!”

Author’s note: The id according to Webster’s dictionary is that part of the psyche which is regarded as the reservoir of the libido and the source of instinctive energy. It is dominated by the pleasure principle and impulsive wishing, and its impulses are controlled through the development of the ego and superego. The libido’s meaning is even more revealing: [pleasure, wantonness< it pleases.] In psychoanalysis is the psychic energy generally and it’s the divine force behind all human action.

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