Rising Up To Get Free

I heard the words: “Soaring up with eagle’s wings,” and saw myself as a huge eagle rising up, and as I did, all the pus on my right wing dropped off and was no more. Afterwards, I found myself singing these words without thinking them before they were sung: “I’ve made my election sure.” Oh brethren, God has us decreeing a thing before it manifests, and if we believe, it shall BE!

When I looked up “pus” online, searching for greater understanding on the symbolic meaning of “pus,” Pamela Ball’s interpretation given on “Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary” witnessed to me: “In a spiritual sense, pus is the result of having to fight something ‘evil,’ and although we may have overcome it, we are left with the results to clean up.” On other websites, it was brought out that pus represented emotions infected by fears, self-doubts, prejudices, jealousy and other negative attitudes; …. occasionally a sign of physical illness. I believe that the vision is letting us know that as we rise up in the Spirit, God will do the work, and all those negative emotions and illnesses we’ve been carrying will drop off of us.

Recently I had a good friend ask me to pray for her daughter who was in need of a new job. The boss in the one she had had made it unbearable in the workplace for her and others. Two long time employees had quit because of him, so of course, I wanted this prayer request answered, but before I even began praying, I was given a quick vision and word. I saw the Lord making the sign of a woman’s figure with his hands making a curved movement at the top, coming in at the waist, and then a curve at the bottom. He stated: “I’m going to help her get into shape.” My friend didn’t seem too happy with that or with me, as she quipped: “I just want you to agree with me that she’ll get a job!” Later when I prayed over Janet (not her real name) being upset, the words “Prize accordingly” came in my tongues. Then after praying more, I saw the Lord’s hand remove one of her daughter’s eyes, and replace it with a star so she could see in the darkness. 

It has taken me many, MANY years to not take offense at what people do… “If your eye offends you, PLUCK it out!” Matthew 5: 29 tells us. We can not afford to be offended by ANYTHING. God says that HE rules in our affairs…. He raises up the Pharaohs in our lives to demonstrate HIS power. He used the evil done to Joseph, to bring good in the end. Oh yes, we need a lot of “shaping up” before we understand God’s thoughts and ways, and even more in implementing them.

Yes, yes, yes, He wants to give us our desires, but the words “prize accordingly” point to a rocketship making its landing successfully, or blowing up like the space shuttle “Challenger” did. Who can object to the ways of God or resist in His dealings with us and expect to get the prize? God is not a Santa Claus fulfilling our little wish list: He wants to shape us up and transFIGURE us…. Transformation is on His mind and He wants it on our minds, too, as our HIGHEST priority. When it is, we’ll be soaring up on eagle’s wings and our election shall be SURE!!

So come on now: Let’s wing it with the One Who makes the wings,…. the One Who makes a woman out of us:….even HIS woman!

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  1. Very well said.

    The Holy Spirit uses the wicked ones in our lives to become more righteous. It is a blessing most of us wou;ld prefer to avoid but are glad to have gone through it on the other side.

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    • Amen! And sometimes in the middle of it when our well of tears overflows with words of life. How blessed we are to have and feel His comfort in our greatest trials when we are hated and persecuted by men. Yes, you are one who knows. Hallelujah for your wells, Joseph.


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