From Out Of The Blue

How I love it when something good comes out of the blue, especially when it’s a specific message from God. I was delightfully surprised when the word “shielded” popped into my mind, and immediately afterwards, the Lord’s voice came, booming: “You are COMPLETELY shielded!” I gave much thought to these words wondering what had transpired that brought me into “full” protection.

Ah, my brethren, it’s simple! When we love, we are protected. When we don’t: “Uh oh!” and I gotta tell you, I’ve had a lot of “uh oh’s” in my life. Only NOW am I loving my enemies and realizing that they are a blessing to me…. Finally, I’m not exposing them and wanting to bring fire down on them. Believe it or not, and I realize that most do not believe it: Our enemies are just what we need. Jesus called Judas “friend,” and it’s time we started calling those like Judas in our lives that, too. Our destinies could not be fulfilled without them. Look at Joseph: His story is OURS!!!!!!

How is it that we have been blind to this? I believe a partial answer is that we do not see the devil as who he is…. “The waster CREATED by God for a divine purpose… even to destroy the fleshly life in us.” He was a serpent,…. a murderer in the beginning with a role to play, NOT an angel.

God says “NOTHING can harm us,” but Christendom, by insinuation, has made the big, bad devil on par with God, and consequently we’ve been afraid of him. Nooooo! The only fear that we are to have is the “fear of the Lord,” which in essence is the fear of doing wrong. As long as we have this fear and have love, no harm can come to us. The “us” I am referring to is our real identity, not our flesh…. Joseph knew pain, injustice, rejection, false accusations, slavery and more. Yes, he knew harm to his soul’s life…. “good harm” which brought him to the end of “self’s reign.” THEN, it was replaced by “God’s reign” IN HIM, and AFTERWARDS, he was lifted up in the earth realm, ruling there. So shall it be with all those who are faithful to God.

As I write this, I picture the Lord with a piece of gum in His hand offering it to us…. He wants us to chew on this message, because as we chew on something, we get it: It mixes with our saliva,-… our life’s essence in the form of flowing words. Our spit will thus contain HIS word to put on the eyes of the blind and on the ears of the deaf with our finger of deliverance. Yay, then both we and they will see and hear. Oh brethren, it’s through faith and grace, mixed with love and the fear of the Lord, that it will be done and Hallelujah! We will be hearing people shouting:


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