From A Well Of Tears

The word “Baca” has come many, many times during these last few months as it did more than two years ago during the time of another great trial. As God has ordained us to be well-diggers when we are in the valley of weeping, I’ve been digging wells again, but this time deeper ones. It seems our wells come with priceless tears, as the meaning of “Baca” is “weeping.”

I found myself saying: “I’m drinking strong drink now,” and had a vision of a gigantic bowl that was filled with liquor, with me jumping in, saying: “I’m going to bathe myself in it.” Hmmm, huh? May you know that literally I do not drink hard liquor…. I never have, but the Bible says “Give strong drink to them that are ready to perish,” and yes, the old me has been perishing. As I have been going through the last throes of my fleshly life dying, I have so needed strong words and great understanding from the Lord, along with His presence in order to make it through.

What’s amazing is that the Lord brought potent drink to me through a new subscriber on my blog who had this dream on the night I had the vision of the bowl full of hard liquor: She wrote: “The dream was not remembered entirely. I opened the door of a hotel closet. It was a shallow closet. On the floor were two clear bottles that were about 10% full of light amber coloured liquid I recognized as hard liquor. The next scene is I walked up to the washing machine that was already full of clothes and suds and poured both bottles in. When I was looking up Bible words I noticed that H1832 for “tears” is bimah. It said it’s from H1831 bema which is tear, figuratively juice, LIQUOR. So I wondered if it was tears in the bottles. I was also led to psalm 84.”

WOW! WHAT A WITNESS!! Look how this ties in with my vision and with my previous post of the Lord kissing my tears. That “bema” which is “tear,” figuratively means “liquor,” BOWLS me over. I believe that her dream and my vision reveal that our tears CLEANSE us and the way we think as well.

I hope you who are crying a river of tears, too, will see how valuable your tears are-…. that the Lord is kissing them and you, letting you know that you’re destined to be a well of “wellness” that others will drink from and be blessed by. I give you a cup of water now, from my writing: “Passing Through The Valley of Baca” https://ridetheheavens.com/2019/04/07/passing-through-the-valley-of-baca/….

and say: “Spring up, oh well….. BE WELL!”

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