How Good Fortune Comes

Her hands were full of pennies that had caked-on dust so heavy that the pennies were almost unrecognizable. “No Name” stared blindly at them believing that they were a representation of her works, and she wept bitterly. She didn’t know that every one of them was 24 Karat gold concealed by the covering of copper and dust.

A child named “Raggedy Anne” all covered by dust herself, came up to this sorrowful one and asked: “May I have one of your pennies?” It startled “No Name” who believed that the pennies were almost worthless. Her heart was stirred as she saw the pitiful condition of the child and wanted to give all of them to her, but before she could, the little one spoke up: “I heard that Father God said we should ask Him for what we need and that when we do, we should expect Him to supply it. After I prayed and asked, I was led to come to you and was shown that I only need one penny. May I have it please?” she requested in such touching innocence, that it melted “No Name”’s heart. “Of course.” she replied. “Go ahead, pick one for yourself and tell me: ‘What are you going to do with it? A penny can’t buy much, these days!”

The child’s face brightened like a morning glory coming into full bloom. “Oh, but it can!” she spoke authoritatively. “The angel “Good Fortune” told me that a penny for our thoughts can change the world!” and then, after she took the top one out of “No Name”’s hand, “puff!” “Anne” was no longer raggedy. Her clothes were instantly changed, and following that, a honey bee called: “Good Things To Come” appeared with a word for “No Name”: You shall have a glorious name when you give away your last penny. You shall be known in the kingdom as “The Lowly One Who Inherited All!” she told her. “Anne,” whose name means “Understanding,” had been sent to you in order for you to know that it is the way of the Kingdom to not only give, but to ask. Have you not heard that you do not have because you do not ask? Everyone must become like a little child, and when they do, their lives will be changed. Then when they give, their thoughts will take form and will be the very life that’s needed.

Do you know that in the beginning there was the “Thought-Word,” and everything that came into existence was through it? You are the child of the great King and it is in your power…. Yes, in your hand to give “greatness” to everyone who comes to you, for everyone who desires and receives what you have,.… even living, productive, thoughts, will become great, too!”

After the word of prophecy was given, the angel “Good Fortune” appeared and announced: “It is time to become “Spirit, and what is in your hand, “Lowly One,” is the power to do it…. Think not little of small beginnings!” The flood gate of tears opened the eyes of understanding in the one who was “No Name” no longer. Her tears washed away all the dust and dissolved the copper coating over the pennies, and she could see that they were gold indeed. Yay, she was on her way to greatness. So now you, who have received these words, you’re being asked, too:

“A penny for YOUR thoughts?!”

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