Dancing With A Beast

I saw myself dancing with a beast that looked exactly like the one in the movie “The Beauty and the Beast.” As we were dancing, he was transformed into a handsome, dark-haired man and then another change came with his beautiful, thick, black hair turning into flames of fire. At the time I received this vision, I had no understanding of its meaning, except that the hair of fire represented great power and glory.

I also did not understand the word that came two weeks ago in the middle of the night saying: “The beast is no longer!” When I asked some of my friends who are gifted in the interpretation of dreams and visions, no one had an answer that came with a witness of the Spirit in it. But now I’m doing an “Aha-Dance.”

The word: “Joy-Wonder” was what came while praying in tongues this morning after receiving the vision. My middle name Renee means “joy” and “reborn,” and I can think of no greater wonder and joy than the long awaited birth of the fully developed Christ nature and it’s in view NOW!

While writing this post, the name “Lina” was brought to my attention, and in Greek, it means “sunlight.” I believe that it points to the scripture I chose for the homepage of my blog (Malachi 4: 2) finally coming to pass as we see with our eyes of understanding: Have you ever wondered why Jesus touched a blind man twice, instead of once, to heal him? Have you come to realize that WE are that blind man and that there’s something that must be understood before we can fully see?…. Do you know what seeing men as trees walking means?

Proverbs 23: 7 states that “As a man thinks, so he is,” and we know we get our thinking from eating the fruit of the trees….. A worldly man eats the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil and a Godly man eats the fruit of the tree of wisdom. I don’t know for sure, but I believe that the other trees in the garden bear the fruit for us to become physicians, musicians, teachers, scientists, and other kinds of workers. Our walk reveals what and who we are, and it takes discernment of this before we can see clearly and before wholeness is ours…. Yay! THEN “Joy-Wonder” will manifest as US!

Ah, when you dance with someone, you embrace that person and walk in step with him or her. Have you been like me and rejected, even hated who you are and others because of the beastly ways you see? Ah, God hides His treasures in darkness.

How many realize that when we embrace someone who is beastly with love and long-suffering, THAT’S how change comes to both that person and to us because the beast in them is what is in us that we don’t realize until we dance with them. Example: A man may be beating his wife and children, and we think “What a beast!” but God might be using that person for us to see that we’re beating people up in our minds. The person who has committed the sin of abortion, is spiritually a type and shadow of our rejecting/killing the truth when a word/revelation of God is given to us. The adulterer represents our committing adultery with other Gods (sports, fame, money, positions, approval of man, and more) instead of being faithful to God,…. and a murderer points to the hate and anger in us that God wants to deliver us from. Whoever gets our goat is the blessing we need to see what needs to be removed in our own lives, not just theirs.

Recently I had a vision of myself with a huge sword in my side and a man that very deeply wounded me was trying to pull it out of me. He was struggling to do it with much effort and it wasn’t out yet. But it will be because as soon as something is exposed, deliverance and victory come afterwards.

It’s interesting that the last thing that happened to Jesus’ body was that a sword was stuck in Him which caused His blood and water to pour out…. THEN after that, He was resurrected. Oh people of God, the blood represents life and the water represents the Spirit-Word. Hear it: Our wounds and the people who brought great suffering to us are a BLESSING, for only because of them, we can now bring life to the world. God says to LOVE our enemies and it is through this costly love that we will be known as children of “The Father” and saviors of the world. Yes, because THE SAVIOR, the Lord Jesus Christ, will be manifesting Himself in fullness of grace and truth through us.

Oh hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah! It’s a “Joy-Wonder” and what all of creation has been waiting for!

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