Priest Power

While praying this morning, I heard the words: “Priests are coming!” I remembered a vision that I had some time ago of a multitude of priests carrying their crosses lifted high. The Lord said: “This is the ONLY way that those in the world can be saved!”

Next I heard a loud rumbling sound. The earth opened up and multitudes fell into the opening that the earthquake had made. “Help, help, help!” the ones falling cried, but I saw the Lord’s head in the sky shaking it back and forth as he firmly shouted: “NO!” I thought about when sins and wickedness are filled up in a land, even if those like Noah, Daniel, and Job were in it, they would only be able to deliver their own souls by their righteousness. (Ezekiel 14: 14) Truly, no man can save another when their sins are full.

I called a prayer partner and shared the word I had received and the Spirit of God moved in power giving deliverance commands. You, who read my blog, know that I had been struck by Covid several weeks ago, and some of the residue had been still lingering on. My prayer partner recently had been attacked by it, too, but thank God, our Lord came mightily on the scene with saving grace. I saw that our bodies had been shot with arrows that had poison on their tips and the Spirit of God called the poison out. This wicked curse was broken as the Holy Spirit rebuked the prophecy of the Satanic words that had spoken the curse into existence, nullifying it. If any of you have had Covid, I urge you to address your bodies in this manner to make sure no lingering effects can remain.

Next, I saw myself blowing a huge trumpet and then I was miraculously inside the horn that had become gigantically enlarged. I was blown by the breath of God out of it on to the top of wicked men’s heads. Yay, I was walking on them, fulfilling the word of the Lord that decreed that His people would tread on the wicked.

Hear it, you who are His priests: On this day that burns like an oven, only your prayers are going to make a difference…. The wicked must come down from their high and lofty places, and it won’t be by our power. God says that “It’s not by might, not by power, but by MY Spirit” that the work shall be done. So blow the trumpet of the Lord and become the horn that will cause the will of God to be fulfilled now.

TODAY is the day that the priests of the Most High shall conquer their enemies and all the afflictions in their lives. Hallelujah!

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