Stick It To The Devil

I was given a vision of a giant clock with its large hand on the number 12 with the smaller one on the number 5, and next I saw the Lord’s hand move the five (grace) back to twelve (rulership.) Oh people of God, God’s grace has surely come in this hour for the “true” Israel (the ones who rule with God) and I was shown HOW we’re going to have the victory.

I have a friend who has been like David who killed a bear, a lion and Goliath, and won many victories on the battlefield. I’ve known her since the 1980’s and watched her overcome some horrific assaults on her mind, soul and body by the enemy through swinging the mighty sword of the Word of God, but over the last five years she has been in non stop torment that hasn’t let up, and has not had rest night or day. In the last year my friend has been in great despair and consequently has spoken negative words that negated her words of calling forth the things that are not as though they were. When I prayed for her a little while ago I was given a vision of her walking with a wooden cane that was very thin and crooked and she said: “I need a new stick!”

When I shared the vision with her, I didn’t know exactly what the new stick was. God is so amazing! As we prayed together about it I heard the word “rankled” in my spirit which has a meaning of “to cause keen irritation or bitter resentment. Its etymology is “of a sore, wound, etc. …. “to fester”….literally a “little dragon.” Oh yes, the devil can wear God’s people down through torment, injustices, backbreaking hardships, poverty, sicknesses and more, and we can become rankled IF we don’t use the antidote God has prescribed…. Do you know what that antidote is? God showed us tonight that the “new stick” to stick it to the devil is Romans 5: 3 which is a “vault pole.” The origin of a vault pole is a technique contest to jump over obstacles with a wooden STICK!

Hear it: When “we GLORY in patience, steadfastness, and cheerful endurance is worked in us which is “Christ’s nature.” ALL the giants (the negatives in our lives) are but bread for us. How many see that Romans 5: 3 is the “stick it to him” weapon that will defeat the devil? I don’t know about you, but by the grace of God I intend to be a champion vault jumpering athlete, “High ho!” It’s to heaven our stick shall be taking us.

As God would have it in His perfect timing, He led me to read this allegory I wrote some time ago that ties right in with this message. I hope it will raise you up as well:

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