Getting Over The Flesh

You and I are called to ascend, but alas, we aren’t like the angels with wings. The upward climb is not always easy, eh? In a dream I had on the same night as the one I wrote about in my post “Thank God For Dreams,” I was going up old wooden stairs that were only wide enough for one person. The stairway was about three stories high and was almost in a straight, perpendicular line having only a slight incline. I was nervous as I took each step, not full of abounding faith, but nevertheless, I was doing it. God had someone behind me, and amazingly, I made it to the top where there was a stump on each side by which I pulled myself up and over.

In the next scene, I was going into many rooms and noticed the person who had been behind me was not in sight. Afterwards, I heard the words: “Miranda…. You are coming home!”

God often calls me by other names and this one that means “Admirable” was so encouraging balancing the other dream I had which brought conviction. Isn’t God good that He sees us as admirable when we are ones who quickly repent? He saw David that way-…. Think of it: David was a man who committed adultery and had her husband killed and God called him a man after his own heart. Oh that we all could see each other as admirable even when our flesh does something wrong, but are immediately repentant and willing to make things right. Our flesh is our flesh and will always be. It’s time we say to it and to the devil: “It’s just you!” and then give God glory for delivering us and others. Oh how long it takes before we really believe in our hearts, not just our minds, that we’re not our flesh;…. that we are holy and totally accepted in the Beloved;…. that we no longer fear our flesh and allow the Devil to accuse us and to accuse others!

Our ascension up the narrow wood (flesh) steps and over them will bring us to completely loving and accepting ourselves in the end…. to the place where we can relax and be who we are without being nervous, afraid we’ll fall, or fearful we won’t do the “right thing.” Disease is just what it says: “Dis- ease,” and I’ve been battling it for far too many years. The dream is a revelation of the manifestation to come, and now because of it, I have the faith to know I’ll be getting over my flesh.

There was an unknown person behind me going up those steps, and while she never touched me or assisted me in any way, I believe the dream relays that there’s always a back-up for us. When we reach the top (the third level), we won’t need one because we’ll finally be in “the Rest”…. even in the place called “Home” with rooms of inner expansion, comfort and delight. Oh brethren, it’s time to be at home with God, with one another and with life….

Yay, to be at ease!

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