Thank God For Dreams

Even dreams that are not so sweet, are sweet when they’re from God!

Dreams can raise us up better than rocket ships to the moon. I speak of both the dreams we have in the night and the dreams we have in our hearts that inspire us to accomplish wonderful things. God gives each of us messages through our dreams and inspires us with Kingdom aspirations to benefit the whole body of Christ, not just ourselves. Our eyes open and our hearts stir when we share our dreams with one another because “all things are ours!”… Yay, what’s mine is yours and what’s yours is mine in the kingdom, and I know I have often represented others in my dreams, as well as myself. Dreams speak, encouraging us and giving us enlightenment along our journey to wholeness, and the one I had last night was definitely a rocket ship to the moon (enlightenment) for me. When I woke up, I found myself singing: “I’ve been redeemed by the blood of the Lamb.”

So this is my dream: My son, Kip, took me to the beauty salon where my grandson Tanner was working as a hairdresser. I sat in a chair to get a haircut, and as my grandson began cutting my hair, in the dream it looked thicker and fuller than my normal hair does. My daughter-in-law, Lynne, made the remark that my hair would be in better shape after Tanner finished. The cut was going along well, but I wanted my hair to cover my ears and I was disappointed that a little bit of my ear lobes was showing. Then suddenly, the two ponytails in the back of my head swung around and covered the ear lobes.

In the next scene, my TV was being taken out of the house and I was given several rolled up $20 bills that had been hidden in it. I knew by the Spirit that they amounted to $100.

Now for some understanding first, of why this dream was given to me: Since I was struck with Covid many weeks ago, among other things, I have suffered from fluid in my ears which has caused me great pressure, discomfort, some pain and loss of hearing. I was unable to hear the sound of my clothes dryer running, the microwave beeping, much less people talking…. So yes, I have wanted my ears covered with hair (power.) Tanner’s name means “leather worker” and has the spiritual connotation of “diligent.” Truly, God performs a major work in tanning the fleshly hide of His children, eh? You may think, like I once did, that matured Christians, especially ones part of the manchild company, aren’t supposed to get sick. I’ve come to realize while our spirit can be highly developed, until we come into perfection, our souls can get us into trouble: The soul’s ways and thoughts that are not God’s do open up doors to sickness, but praise God, the ponytails in my dream reveal the remedy.

According to the Bible dictionary, a ponytail represents “thoughts under control, acceptable, disciplined, or practicing self-restraint.” In order to come into perfection, every thought must be brought into captivity, and now you know what brought on my affliction. Jesus learned obedience by the things He suffered, so how much more do we? I realize there are many who don’t believe we are ever supposed to get sick, but tell me: How can it be true that our Lord heals us of all our diseases if we never have diseases? He’s called “Healer” for a reason. If we obey Him, then yes, it’s true that no sicknesses can touch us.

I am repenting for all the thoughts that I didn’t cast down, and you can be sure that I will be much more aware of them in the future: I’ve learned the hard way…. a very, very hard way not to judge God’s children, even and especially in my thoughts.

But praise God! The last scene in my dream reveals that I’m an overcomer. Redemption was shown in the $20 bills hidden in the television (my vision) that had been brought out in the open in the end. Kip whose name means “near to the heart of God” reveals that it’s being near to God that leads us to the correction and the vision we need. Lynne means “holy” and holiness assures us we’ll be in “better shape” with fullness of power after pruning takes place… in this case, hair cutting. What a dream!! The number 100 reveals that surely the elect shall be redeemed in the end. Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

So tell me brethren: What are you thinking? Ah! I know you’ll be thinking and singing: “I’ve been redeemed by the blood of the Lamb,” too!

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  1. So sorry to hear you we’re covid sticken . Trusting you are well now. Sorry to about your ear situation, may it heal gracefully. I like your dream, it comforts you and puts you in a nice place. Dreams are indeed powerful but very special to those who can decode them and interpret as good as you.

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    • Hi Kevin,
      It was so nice of you to send this encouraging comment. I answered it before this, but for some reason my reply was never sent or put on the blog. I’ve been digging wells in the Valley of Baca (trouble) which has made the suffering worth it. I’m just getting better now, and thank you for your concern. I’m looking forward to hearing your dreams, too.
      Blessings and love,

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