Dancing in the Fire

A word not just for me, but for all who are being tested in the fire. 🔥

Many of us are going through great tribulation right now, and what I am enduring at this time is almost unbearable. My flesh is screaming “Stop! Stop! Stop!,” and yes, I’ve written posts urging you to see that trouble is a gift, and that we are called to glory in all our trials… “Hah!” I say with the “H” (Spirit) sound reverberating in my body. It’s true my glorying has been weak, but my spirit man is doing it nonetheless. I hear him singing: “Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life,” and I believe it.

Yesterday when I heard the Holy Ghost say: “Dancing in the fire,” I realized another dimension was being added to glorying in all things. I asked the Lord: “How is it possible to dance in this fire that burns like an oven?” and the answer quickly came. He replied: “When you realize who you are, your steps will be in oneness with me. You have watched “Dancing with the Stars” and have marveled at the synchronization and grace of two flowing as one. Now, you are being made ready to go beyond the stars, beyond the “Telestial” degree of glory and beyond the “Terrestrial” into the “Celestial” realm, and you are going to dance with me all the way. Only those whose flesh is consumed can enter into “Celestial” glory, and the fires have to be heated up seven times hotter to bring you in. You shall learn my steps, my Beloved…. You shall learn ME, so pay no attention to your tears. You are rising up,…. even being raised up by the arms of the Almighty!

By the time you enter into the “Celestial” realm, you shall no longer doubt yourself, because you will know that your flesh has been utterly consumed, and only you as my glory, shall remain. Fear not! You will do more than dig wells in the “Valley of Baca.” You will look into the water you procure for yourself, and you shall see your image having eyes aflame with fire…. Yay, eyes all over your being with penetrating power to see into the depths of every man. You, who have honored all men, shall ride the heavens with me in a dance like no other…. even the “Dance of Fire!”

Look up my queen: Your redemption draws nigh!”

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