The Nine Holy Miracles

(John 14: 12)

Have you longed to do the works Jesus did and greater ones? Hannah Hurnard tells us how in her powerfully anointed book “The Way of Healing”:

  • 1. The miracle that transforms things: you can accept anything if you accept it with thankgiving.
  • 2. The miracle that opens all doors: you can make anyone receptive if you serve them.
  • 3. The miracle that makes all your wishes come true: you can obtain anything if you have the right motive.
  • 4. The miracle that supplies everything you need: you can meet any need if you share all that you have.
  • 5. The miracle that calms all tempests of hate: you can destroy every wrong if you forgive it.
  • 6. The miracle that takes you anywhere: you can get anywhere if you risk everything.
  • 7. The miracle that makes you invulnerable: you can make anything harmless if you make friends with it.
  • 8. The miracle that withers up falsities: you can destroy falsities if you waken love for the truth.
  • 9. The miracle that delivers from evil influence: you can open any hell if you share it.

Come on brethren: Let’s do it! 🦋❤️

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