The New Universe

I heard myself saying: “Stirred to be me, stirred to be free, stirred finally.” Then I had a vision of a knife going into a heart and the word “circumsized” came. Afterwards I saw doors that were shut, and inside in the celestial room, I could see a beautiful woman named “Bella” who was gloriously arrayed wearing multiple skirts. She flowed with a graceful whirling motion that picked up momentum with each swirl as she danced. Stars shot out from under her skirts into the sky and beyond, and they became part of a new universe called “Aloha.”

Wikipedia states that “Aloha” is the Hawaiian word for “love, affection, peace, compassion and mercy,” and that it’s beginning may be seen in the “love of kin.” The Oxford English dictionary defines it as “a greeting” like “welcome” and “farewell.” I don’t believe that it’s by chance that “well” is in both “welcome” and “farewell.”…. The underlying message is that if we want to be well and to bring wellness to others, “Aloha” is the key.

The etymology of “celestial” is that it pertains “to the visible heavens,” which I perceive as the heavens visible to us who see in the Spirit. “Bella’s” name  means “beautiful”… also “a beautiful woman.” I see “Bella” as a representation of the Bride of Christ who, because of having a circumcised heart, is in a heavenly state of being. Her purity is what enabled her to dwell in the celestial room,…. the heavenly place within. The shut doors bring to mind the promise given to the overcomer in the Philadelphian church: “Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of God and he shall GO NO MORE OUT.” Revelation 3: 12. Just look at the similarity between the name of the Philadelphian church, the church of brotherly love and “Aloha’s” love of kin. What promises are in store for us at this stage of our journey!

In thinking about the symbolism of the bride’s skirts, Isaiah 6: 1 came to my attention: “In the year that King Uzziah died, I saw the Lord sitting upon a throne, high and lifted up, and his train (skirts) filled the temple.“ Strong’s Concordance #7757: Hebrew “shul” is translated to mean “a skirt by implication.” When the “strength of self” which King Uzziah represents is dead, the heart is circumsized and the bride of Christ is revealed in her heavenly state of being. THEN she can bring forth the light(s) (revelations and substance) of a new order (a new heaven and a new earth.) The etymology of universe is literally “turned into one.” Hallelujah! The Lord’s prayer that we be “ONE” is being answered now!!

I want to point out that we are only at the BEGINNING of the creation of the new universe “Aloha.” In Genesis the process of the formation of the FIRST heaven and earth was revealed step by step and likewise, the coming forth of a new heaven and earth is a process as well: “Let there be light” was God’s first command in the formation of heaven and the earth. I believe the light of the stars in my vision shows light as being the first move of God (in and through US) in forming the new heaven and new earth-…. 

So come on you, who are the bride of Christ and the morning stars: It’s time to bring forth light through “Union’s Dance”…. Yay!

It’s time to bring in an “Aloha” world!

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