She Who Is Transformed

“I will not wear white,” the indolent one screamed at her father angrily. “I will wear red and no one can stop me.”

With great sadness in his heart, the father responded to his sassy daughter: “It’s true that you’re of age and that you can do as you please, but know this: I shall not walk you down the aisle if you wear red, nor will I attend your wedding.”

For a moment “Angel” thought about her father’s words knowing he always meant what he said, but throwing her head back in an arrogant way, she snapped: “Fine! I’ll get another!”

She had been angry for a long time at her father, the world, herself and everyone she knew,…. and now, she was getting married, but not to a man she loved, but to a man she could use. Using people had become her way of life. Such an unhappy creature she was, no longer able to feel loving emotions,…. only hatred, defiance and bitterness, which came into her as a child when she became envious of her sister called “Dear One.” This other daughter was always gentle, kind and loving, and because she was obedient to all her father’s wishes, her life was full of joy. While “Angel” had some good qualities, her true self was buried underneath a willfulness that was there in her at birth. Her mother had been in labor for two long days because “Angel” did not want to leave her comfortable abode in her mother’s womb. She was determined to stay put until a messenger was sent from above who in no uncertain terms told her that she would have to come out, or she would die. Her little spirit heard and very reluctantly, after her mother’s hard, final push, she let go and shot forth out of the birth canal screaming like banshee Indian. Because she wasn’t spanked to get her voice, she was going to have to have “Life” spank her many times to get her true voice.

While her mother loved the little one because after all, she was her own, still, a small seed of resentment toward her was in her heart because of the great pain she endured in the birthing process. “Angel” likewise, had a seed of resentment in her because she couldn’t have her will, so mother and daughter never had the kind of relationship that flourished in love.

But Angel”’s father loved her passionately from the time she was conceived because she was the firstborn, and he truly loved her as much as he did his daughter “Dear One.” However, he could not bless her with all his blessings because she was obstinate, jealous and hateful so much of the time. He was the one who named her “Angel” because when she was conceived, he had a visitation from an angel who instructed him to give her that name because her destiny was to bring a timely message that would change peoples’ lives in their times of desperation…. even his own. The angel also told him that his name “Aristocrat” would be changed when the message he needed would be delivered to him by her. He never forgot that word given to him by the angel called “Life-Giving Word” who stood by him, whispering her truths all his days, although he knew not it was the angel. And now his daughter was getting married without her father’s blessing, thinking that she could live without it. How upset he was by this, but he clung to the prophecy that this daughter would be used mightily by God in the end.

Her mother “Teachable Spirit” knew as well as her father that “Angel” was in for a serious fall if she married such an unworthy man. How fervently she prayed for her, as she had done all the days of “Angel”’s life, but even more as the day approached her wedding. She was made aware by the intuitive spirit within her, that “Angel”’s heart had to be empowered by grace to love and honor her mother and father before it was too late, …. that unless she could come to love and accept her parents, she was bound for a life of continual misery. She lost discernment when she reached puberty and it looked like there was no stopping her from marrying a man just like her, but worse. His name was “Deception,” and he had hoodwinked her from the day he met her. He lied to her telling her his name was “Glory,” and since he was an angel of light, rays of light came out of him that to “Angel” appeared glorious. The only reason he wanted to marry “Angel” was because her father was rich, and he planned to eventually kill not only “Angel,” but everyone in the family to get his riches.

Ah but the fervent prayer of a righteous person in God avails much, and “Teachable Spirit” was such a one. Her prayers brought about a huge earthquake causing “Angel” and “Teachable Spirit” to be trapped together with no one able to reach them for days…. It was then that “true light” broke through into Angel’s heart, because “Teachable Spirit” was wise and heard the voice of God very clearly. She was able to speak His words to her daughter, and when they both understood that “resentment” was the root cause of their harmed relationship and other relationships as well, they repented, and oh my! A multitude of angels surrounded them and sang the song of liberation: “Peace on earth, good will to men,” they sang over and over again with the melody and notes filling “Angel”’s heart that it almost burst. Her eyes began to twinkle with such light that her whole mind was infiltrated by its rays, bringing about a “new mind” which became the “new heaven” in her. Her earth was about to change dramatically, too.

In the meantime her father was in great peril… In the earthquake, his foot had been caught under a huge, immovable boulder, and in his desperation, he cried to God for help,…. and help came in the form of an angel called “Help In The Time Of Need.” The reason why so many angels could come to the rescue was that their family name was “Godly,” and God sends His help to all who are godly.

The angels on assignment led by “Help In Time” lifted them out of their trouble and brought them to the place called “Transformation.” When they saw each other alive and well, they all fell down and worshiped God in tongues that they had never spoken before, and it was “Angel” who had the interpretation of them. “The Lord says: “You shall always be an aristocrat,” my father, “because you are brave and true and have ruled your spirit well, but you shall now be called “The Lowly One,” for it is out of lowliness and meekness that you shall inherit the earth.” In that instant “The Lowly One” was turned into such a glorious being, the earth shook and the trumpets sounded: “The Manchild has been born! Praise and honor to the King of Kings for the great work that has been done!”

And as he stood there worshiping God with all his heart, mind, and soul, “Angel” delivered the next message to her mother: “Because you have been true to your name, you shall rule in the kingdom of peace, joy and righteousness with your husband, and you shall be called: “Faithful and True,” and oh my sister, truly you have been a dear one who has freely loved since the day you were born. The Lord says that you shall be called “Love” and that I shall be called “Truth”….. Oh happy, happy, HAPPY day! We are the daughters of Zion who shall take the first dominion in the kingdom.

Tell me: You, who are the King’s daughters: Has an earthquake taken place in your lives? Fear not! The kingdom shall belong to you because this story is yours, as well. You, the Lord’s lovely bride, shall wear white, not red, and “Deception” shall be no more!

Can you see your bridegroom coming now?

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