Do Away With The Stumbling Block

The stumbling block was huge and stood in the way…. There was no getting around it or through it. What was there that could be done?

An angel sat on top of it, but could only be seen and heard by those with pure hearts, and sad to say, there was only one in the land of “No Return,” whose name was “Impertinent.” This solitary one was not liked, because…. Well, he was impertinent, but it was just that quality that was going to make the stumbling block move. 

When the angel saw him approaching, he rose from his seated position and shouted “Hallelujah!” so loud, the ground under “Impertinent”’s feet shook. He was afraid, but quickly his fear was quelled when the rays from the angel’s eyes and the warmth of his smile covered him like the kiss of the Son. “YOU’RE the one to remove the rock of offense!” he roared.

“Me?… How can that be? I have no power to do such a thing!” He replied, trembling.

“Of course you do, but you have not, because you haven’t asked, and you haven’t asked, because you haven’t known WHAT to ask. Oh you see the trouble alright, but if you don’t know its name, you can’t address it…. This is a spiritual reality that man does not know. 

You must voice your questions to your Lord, asking and then believing that you have the answers…. If they remain unspoken, if they are not believed and if the answers are not decreed, you will have nothing!” The angel looked stern and uncompromising as he spoke, and because of it, a boldness came into “Impertinent,” and with a righteousness that had been imparted to him, he asked the One Who He had come to know as the “Righteous Judge,”: “What is the name of the boulder?” Having taken the instruction of the angel to heart, he added: “I believe I have my answer and I praise you and thank you ahead of time for revealing it to me.”

The angel who had been sent for the sole purpose of revealing it, commended the astute one for receiving his word so readily, and promptly replied: “Propriety” has blocked the way on the road of “Controversy,” because men’s feelings have mattered more than truth. Only the bold and courageous will be able to get “Propriety” out of the way by speaking to it, and then by proclaiming the truth that men do not want to hear. Know that rebellion is as witchcraft, and that when men are settled in their own desires, sugar coated speech can have no effect on them. They will continue in their own ways until ones like you, “Impertinent,” tell them the truth. “Feelings” have been the idol of “Propriety” and any man who desires to come into the full measure of the stature of Christ, must not allow the feelings of others to prevent him from speaking the truth. 

You now, who have picked up the cross and have come to the place of “No Return”: Know that if you shut your mouth fearing to hurt people’s feelings, you will be like the Israelites who made it to the Promised Land, but couldn’t enter.

The time of the wrath of the LAMB is at the door. Whoever heard of the wrath of a lamb?… It’s NOT the wrath of a fierce lion, else the word “lion” which Jesus is, would have been used. The word “wrath” is “passion” and it’s the corrective, redemptive judgment to break the rebellion of man. This judgment will be coming forth through His people (you and me) who have had the fire of God burn everything in us that’s not like Him. Yay! Judges will appear on Mount Zion judging the Mount of Esau-flesh (Obadiah 1: 21) and it’s this judgment that will bring people into repentance and restore everything unto God again.

So who is it who will speak the truth and care not what men think or feel,… only what God thinks? Is it YOU?

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