From Speaking To Becoming What’s Spoken

“Speaker of Truth” didn’t have many friends, because the truth was not desired by those who rejected the cross. The voice that bellowed on the high “Mountain of Salvation” beckoning man to deny himself was not heard by the ones who had turned a deaf ear to its sound…. Almost all the inhabitants of the city of “Wayward Ways” were of that number… Still, the “Voice of Truth” beckoned them all, knowing the day would come that they would have to listen. That day was drawing nigh quickly, and the lone messenger, “Speaker of Truth,” had a calling to not only speak the truth, but to become it… Ah, she didn’t realize that a voice alone without the power to back it up, did little good in the land where people’s God was their own bellies.

How she could become what she spoke was a mystery to her and at the moment, “Speaker of Truth” wasn’t interested in learning the answer, because she wasn’t ready to deny herself and embrace the cross either. That one could know the truth and proclaim it to others without coming into union with it was the “predicament of man.”…. But every man must have a beginning to self-discovery, and “Speaker of Truth” had taken the first step. She liked knowing the truth and felt strong when she spoke it, not realizing a hint of superiority was in her voice every time she told others what they didn’t know…. Or rather what she thought they didn’t know.

The angel Gabrielle was dispatched from on High in the time appointed to give a message to this one who had not yet clothed herself with grace. Standing ten feet high, bowing his head down to convey his reproach to “Speaker” and to all the inhabitants of “Wayward Ways” gathered round him, Gabrielle almost shouted: “Hear ye, oh men who go about doing your own thing: You do know the truth deep down inside you, but until you desire not only truth, but grace to go with it, you will walk in pride and be an affront to others. You will be too quick to tell what you know, and others will be quick to distance themselves from you because of it. However, the words of truth that are spoken will not come back void, but they will not be able to accomplish a full work until the desire for grace exceeds your desire to be greater than others.”

“Speaker of Truth” was shocked. She hadn’t thought she was someone who desired to be greater than others, but a little inkling,…. like a buzzing bee, came into her belly when Gabrielle spoke those words. “Speaker” couldn’t deny it…. She loved the feeling of power she felt when she spoke words of truth that others didn’t know yet in their minds. Soon “Speaker” would realize that everyone had the truth in their spirit, and the fact that she had the privilege of speaking it first, was no big “to do”.… She had not earned the privilege because of any goodness of her own. She was soon to learn that “Pride” inherent in every man was the “Great Divider,” and through recognizing and acknowledging its presence in herself, she would be ready to marry grace and become the glorious truth she spoke.

Ah not only was the world waiting for her to become it, the inhabitants of the third heaven were breathlessly waiting for her entrance into full life…. Yes, breathlessly awaiting her, for when there was no longer any breath…. any “in and out force” working to keep alive which was meant to die, THEN the beginning of the new heaven and the new earth could come.

“Speaker of Truth” indeed lost her breath…. even the breath of Pride the moment the “Real”I”zation” came. Gabrielle took the garland of red roses that had been prepared for her, and as the angel put it on her head, he announced in a booming voice all in heaven and on earth could hear: “Know that every man who overcomes “Pride” shall no longer be just a “Speaker”…. They shall be “Lovers,” even “Lovers of Truth.”

Fiery crosses came from every direction and were all lined up in a row before mankind…. “Who will embrace them?” multitudes of angels cried out in unison…. “Who will hear and follow “Lover of Truth”? And one by one they came.

You who are hearing this message now: YOUR cross is waiting for you: Will you pick it up??

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