Don’t Buy Into It

Only those who wait on the Lord, will know what and when to do what God wants. It’s called discernment: Do you have it? THAT is the question facing all of us going on into perfection. 

Today I was given a vision of a young man who has just started work as a salesman on commission. He’s been looking to God for His provision and as I prayed, I saw the Lord blessing him with a lot of money. At the end of giving it to him, God slapped one of the bills on his nose and said: “I want you to have discernment!”

If there’s anything the body of Christ needs today, it’s discernment: This young man and all of us need to know what the Lord wants us to do with the money He gives us, and with everything else that He provides. Vision is intended to come with proVISION, and is as much needed as a natural supply. So I encourage you my brethren, to pray about everything that concerns you…. Yes: everything!

I presently am experiencing much anger over the merchandising of the body of Christ, as never have I seen such cunning ways to extract money out of God’s people. Last night while online, I was shocked to see that some unscrupulous, worldly salesman (supposedly a pastor) was using a precious believer’s blog to hawk his wares. Before I expose this racqueter, I request that you pray that your eyes be opened and that the spirit of deception and trickery be bound in the name of Jesus, because if it were possible, even the elect would be deceived. Oh how we need God to show us the truth when we’re tempted to run with something that seems good to us.

Tell me: When Peter healed the lame man, saying: “Silver and gold, have I none, but what I have, I give you,” did he give that man a bottle of oil to use?…. When the Bible instructs the sick to call upon the elders of the church and let them anoint with oil, does it say that the oil will heal them, or that the prayer of faith will?

That shyster claimed that Jesus used literal oil to heal the sick. Show me where in the Word of God does it say this? Jesus was and is the living Word and He needed NO external oil to heal the sick, although this Balaam-like pastor said He did. My dear brethren, all you and I need today is God’s Word and faith in it, not a “snake” oil with cannabis in it, which supposedly cures everything under the sun. 

The anointing oil the priests used in the old testament was a type and shadow of the Holy SPIRIT….. God did not and does not intend for it to be hawked as a cure-all for everything from wrinkles, eternal youth, tiredness, diseases and only God knows what else that was claimed. The Bible says “Beloved, I wish for you to be in health and to prosper as your soul prospers,” NOT as you use a hocus-pocus oil concoction. Each of the oils used in Exodus 32: 23-24 is a type and shadow of what the soul needs to be whole: Cinnamon symbolizes holiness from a pure heart; calamus represents being upright in God’s Spirit; cassia conveys devotion and consecration; myrrh represents suffering (the bitter cup,) along with spices and frankincense that also have symbolic meanings. Even if calamus were cannabis, it makes no difference, because having our Lord’s nature worked in us is what will heal us. It’s as plain as the nose on that young man’s face!

But hear this, all you think using this oil may be of God: In Exodus 30: 32, the admonition is clear NOT to reproduce the exact formula of the anointing oil or use it on ordinary humans. That so-called pastor tooted that his church numbers increased due to the oil He concocted which was contrary to this admonition. Woe to that charlatan and all others like him, using it as a “magical cure” for everything. Any time anyone claims that a natural product is a “cure-all” and says to use it because it’s Biblical, it’s the devil speaking out of him. Satan treasures the things that be of men, and how he loves to get our money.

I am not saying that the elders shouldn’t use oil when they say the prayer of faith, but what I am saying is oil does NOT have any healing properties in it. It’s faith in the Word of God that heals,…. and mind you: The elders are not out there merchandising their oil for filthy lucre.

Yes, I’m fired up! These are robbers who are cunningly seducing the body of Christ, and it’s time that this is stopped. We’re called to heal people in the name of Jesus, by the Word of God and through the Holy Spirit! It’s up to spirit-filled people, not oil-selling ones, to change this world and bring that money-driven Harlot church down.

Oh God: Let it be SOON!

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    • About two weeks ago, a dear friend contacted me just a little while after she had purchased it, but then was feeling the check in the Holy Spirit. Thankfully, she was able to cancel the order in time. My friend is a well seasoned Christian and yet, she was momentarily fooled. Whew!
      I appreciate knowing you, too, had the same response as mine. Thank you so much for your comment Barbara.

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