Our Mother Is Dying: What Will We Do?

Have you ever thought about what a new heaven and a new earth would be like? Is it possible to really know before it takes place?

Recently I had a dream and a friend’s comments on it had my mind taking wings into a new place where I heard the terrestrial song: “You are awakening to a new order…. You are leaving your mother, and are now in the care of your father: A star is rising this day and you’re being counted in Zion’s number!” Oh precious brethren, although not yet manifested, this is taking place spiritually right now for all who are leaving their mother.

So WHO is our mother, eh? Did you know that there are three Jerusalems?: There’s the old Jerusalem in Israel represented by Hagar, the Jerusalem that is above who is our “mother,” and the New Jerusalem who is the “Bride”…. In understanding the transition that is presently going on, it’s important to realize that a bride must leave her mother in order to be joined to her bridegroom and dwell in His house, not in her mother’s house. So what does it mean that we must spiritually leave our mother? Our mother is still our mother, but it’s our relationship to her that must change, and in the end, the “alpha” will be placed in front, negating the natural genetic side of us. Thus we will be fully “unmothered” and officially inducted into the Melchizedek Priesthood.” Hallelujah! There are several stages of development involved, and so now I want to share my dream that speaks of the stage I’m presently in, and many of you, as well.

It began with some conversations with a few people, and in the next scene I was in the driver’s seat of a car, bathing myself, first by washing my upper part. I was scrunched down low so people could not see me through the car’s front windshield, but when I started to wash my bottom, from out of the corner of my eye I could see a large black man eyeing me from the side window of the car. He was at some distance and I asked a woman if that man could see me. She said: “Yes!” and I screamed: “Pray for my mother: She’s dying!”

There was more in the beginning of the dream that I can’t remember, but I believe the dream is about “ministry”…. A car represents personal ministry and the mother’s role in a child’s life and in the church’s life, as well, is a ministry. 

At the time Jesus turned water into wine (His first miracle called a “sign,) His words to His mother were: “What have I to do with thee, oh woman? Mine hour is not yet come.” This was a sign that Jesus had reached a stage of inner power that He did not have before, signifying a change had come in Him, although the final overcoming of his human side would take place on the cross, as indicated by His words: “Mine hour is not yet come.” The natural side of our Lord which the woman represents would have to be submissive to His rule, not the other way around as it had been when He was a child.

It’s not easy to go from what we are used to doing and are comfortable in, to go on to something new,… to something “unknown.” We are not always so ready to give up the old, hence, in my dream I cried out: “Pray!” concerning that which was dying and MUST DIE in ME!…. The natural in us is used to being in the lead, eh? It’s going to take a miracle for us to do ONLY what He shows, and speak ONLY His words…. Yay! The woman clothed with the sun and crowned with the twelve stars is indeed a WONDER!

So pray my brethren, like you’ve never prayed before…. A black man (a man who is in darkness of understanding, ….even darkness of understanding IN US) is watching as the cleansing process is going on. He has no idea of what is taking place, but we do know that our upper part (righteousness) and then our lower part (truth) are being cleansed and made pure in our alone ministry with our Lord. He had to go “it” (the death and resurrection) ALONE, and while we are a body and have fellowship one with another, when it’s time to die and resurrect, we have to do the same. 

Hosea 6:2 states that after two days He will revive us,… :that on the third day He will raise us up and we will live in His sight. Oh brethren, we are entering in a way we know not of… We are going on into perfection and there are no forms or previous words that can carry us….

only Him!

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