A Joy Speaking Heart

I heard the word “courage” and saw a heart that was fluttering like a bird and the thought came that it was a heart that had the wind of the Spirit produced in it- a speaking heart by the spirit, announcing:


“Courage” stood tall among men. She was not weak like those in her family for she had passed the test, the test that would try every man. Because she had endured and conquered the enemies within her, she was now able to help man…. even become the helpmate that God Himself is.

She didn’t see herself as she was, even strong as a lion, for her eyes had been veiled until such a time as this… the time when the world filled with fear had gone crazy.

The veil that had been over her heart had been removed because she had fully surrendered to the Lord and had given Him her all.  Now, the moment of the removal of the veil over her eyes had come so that she could know HIS strength and power within her…. so that out of her eyes could come mighty, authoritative light rays to rule over the powers that dominate the world. Soon she would crush the enemy under her very own feet. 

“Courage” was joined in the spirit to one who was a weakling, although he and others did not perceive him in this way… His name was “Solemn” and through “Courage”, that morose name was going to be changed to “Cheer,”… and then finally to “Joy”.

Solemn” was solemn because he looked at everything through carnal eyes and hence, was unable to see evil as being a tool of God through which good could come. He would remain a weakling and unchanged until gold dust would be sprinkled on him by “Courage”… until then, “Solemn” would remain the dust of the earth, even the meat of the devil.

It was on the day of Passover that “Courage” approached “Solemn” with the scepter of Judah in her hand out of which the gold dust would come. “I’ve come to set you free, “Solemn.”You’ve been with me too long, dragging me down!”

“What must I do?” he cried out, afraid that there was something required of him that he wouldn’t be  able to accomplish. 

“Repeat after me: ‘I am joy! I am joy unspeakable and full of glory!’”

“Is that it? Is that all I have to do?” He asked in amazement.

“Yes and no,” Courage” replied, looking him full in the face. Her light was so bright it almost blinded him, so “Courage” put her shield of faith over “Solemn” to shade his eyes. Then words of life poured out of her to the one who now had hearing ears and a listening heart: “The answer is “yes” in that words release the power to accomplish what is decreed, but you are to do more than speak the words- You must BELIEVE them in your heart and THEN the miracle will happen.”

“Solemn” trembled because he had been filled with unbelief for as long as he could remember. “Courage” fully understood the dilemma he was in, because for many times, unbelief and doubt had been in her heart as well.

“Come!” she gently responded, aware that unbelief was/is the greatest sin of all. “You remember the words of Jesus, don’t you? He said: ‘Eat my flesh and drink my blood’. So come to His table with me and after you drink and eat and are filled, you will have the power to be an overcomer and become the joy you’ve longed to be. 

Ah dear much afraid one whose look has been one of gloom-… Your face shall shine as the sun as you carry the Lamb’s cross with me. You, “Joy” and I,” Courage” are ordained to become one. Behold, the whole world is waiting for us- .. the divine ones with joy-filled hearts and words of power. Can you hear their cry,…. their moaning and groaning? They are waiting for the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ,…. even the truth, the way and the life revealed IN US!!

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