Whistling And Getting Married

My grandson Carter and his fiancee Kaylee

I love it when words come like popcorn, pregnant with mystery…. I call them “Daddy-corn” words,…. not the old corn, but sweet, new corn in the land of promise, that’s succulent with power and flavor to chew on. Don’t you know?- His words from out of the blue (might) of Heaven always lead us to a pot of God, even divine, life-changing revelation. However, if we’re not careful, we’ll dismiss them thinking that they are just our crazy thoughts.

“Stronghold,” which is not a crazy word, came this morning, and with it the thought of what has had me bound since I was 22 years old. Yes, bound! Don’t you be accusing me of a lack of faith now, because FACTually, you have been bound, too. All of us have something, which may not be sickness though, that has kept us back from walking in perfection. However, the TRUTH is that we are free: We were freed long ago when our Lord paid the price for us on the cross and on his bleeding back.

You and I are spiritually “Andromeda” who is depicted in the stars as being bound in chains,…. but that is UNTIL the appointed time. And yes, the gospel,…. (our Lord’s story and our story) is written in the stars. The name of Andromeda, the “Chained Woman,” literally means “mindful of her husband,” and some of the principle stars in the constellation she’s part of mean “the weak, the afflicted, the chained.” Truly, this is a picture of the church which has been held captive by the spirit of the world, even though she’s been ordaIned to be a “ruler of men,” which is another meaning of the name Andromeda.

Concerning afflictions, I have experienced a few healings in my lifetime, one of which was the removal of a growth in my throat diagnosed by two doctors. No surgery was ever performed on me. By faith in God’s Word alone, it disappeared. However, RA has racked my body with pain since 1964, but hallelujah, a wonderful word of hope came today…. a seemingly crazy word that has brought me joy, like that of a woman impregnated with precious seed.

I found myself saying in my mind: “I have to have a WHISTLE.” Say “what?” came afterwards, but I see Christ in these words as I realize what our Lord is revealing through them now: When the water in a teapot comes to a boil, it whistles and lets us know it’s READY. When a policeman blows a whistle, it’s a call to “STOP,” which is the first step before a wrong-doer (the strongman) is apprehended. In God’s kingdom, but unfortunately not in the world today, whistleblowers are heroes that preclude justice coming to the land, and finally, best of all, when we whistle at something, we’re saying: “Whoo whee!….. a person or situation is GREAT!”

A memory just came right now of me when I was a young woman long ago: I was walking down Fifth Avenue in New York City and some men were doing repair work on the side of the street at that time. As I went past them with my head held high, looking straight ahead, lots of whistles and catcalls filled the air, like a flock of birds chirping “Hey! Hey! Hey!” in bird language

I believe there’s a spiritual message for us in this happening: A Bride, confident in Christ, who holds up her “head,” the Lord Jesus Christ, HIGH is worthy of praise. She’ll be coming forth with renewed youth when she’s on the straight and narrow path made secure by God’s repairmen. Hear it: We’ll be getting more than catcalls in New York City. It’ll be more like the Lion of the Tribe of Judah’s roar on “Grace (#5) Avenue that’s in us, who are the city of New Jerusalem. (Rev. 21: 9, 10)

Can you hear the proclamation of “Grace, grace, grace to the HEADstone” blaring loud and clear? If so, you’ll be hearing the lyrics of this song next: “There she comes walkin’ down the street singing: “Do wah diddy dum diddy do wah do. Well, I’m hers (I’m hers). she’s mine (she’s mine) I’m hers, she’s mine, wedding bells are gonna’ chime.”

Oh yes! If you’ ve got a whistle, you’ll be whistling a happy song,…. even the wedding song!

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