New Tongues Of Love

“Has the cat got your tongue?” is a question that is asked when a person is reticent to speak. Recently I wrote about the tongue that uses the law to condemn, but today I’ll be writing about a tongue seen in a vision that had all manner of jewels coming out of it. This is not a reticent tongue or a tongue of condemnation, but a glorious tongue that brings forth wisdom, understanding and all the fruit of the spirit. You who are priests of the Melchizedek order, this is YOUR tongue-….. a tongue of love that has been ordained before the foundation of the world to set creation free.

Do you talk to your plants, to your dog (if you have one,) to inanimate objects, and to everything else? If you don’t, it’s time you did. The Bible instructs you to talk to your mountains: Do you? A prophet of old cursed an altar…. Have you ever thought of blessing yours? Yes, you do have an altar and a desk in the Spirit-…. two of the most important spiritual possessions you own. Your altar is your contact place with God and your desk is your ministry.

I shall never forget a dream I had long ago in which I had lost everything. All my goods were carried away, except for a large, beautiful desk…. Truly, each one of us has a ministry-… a powerful one that comes out of all our heartaches and trials. We are priests unto God and unto man, and this ministry is worth the loss of everything.

And so now can you picture your consecrated, holy altar? The wine and bread are on it waiting for you not only to eat and drink, but to bring forth this holy treasure to the multitudes that are waiting for life. What are you decreeing TODAY from the altar’s place?…. this very hour, this very minute? Do you know the power you have? It’s ALL in your tongue!

So what are these jewels that you who are priests and you who are the city of God have? Every jewel pulled up from the depth of our earth that’s gone through pressure, then cut and polished is connected with the fruit of the Spirit, the breastplate of the priest, the stones of the city and the tribes of Israel. So let’s take a look at what ya got… Yes, YOU, who in God’s sight are a finished product, and as soon as the final touches are made by and through YOUR tongue on the little bit of earth that you are, you’ll be “real I zing” that finished product of glory.

Each one of the redeemed will have ALL the fruit of the Spirit, and they will have all the virtues symbolized by the twelve tribe’s names. The Bible says that “out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks,” (Luke 6: 45) so hey, hey, hey! That tongue of ours is going to tell on us! Doncha’ know that when it’s all said and done, no cat or serpent will have our tongues. Instead, the lion of the tribe of Judah will have them and oh my!

What a roar of victory our jeweled tongues will have then!

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