Go Get That Fox

Just last week a sister in Christ and I were determined to overcome some eating habits that were not good for us. Oh when we have a “Thou shall not” mindset, it’s a sure thing “we shall.” Both of us had forgotten that the law (any law) can’t be kept by self-effort. Just so you know: I’m not a junk food addict or overweight, but long ago the Lord told me that He wanted me to eat 60-70% plant food and I have yet to consistently do this. When this sister and I talked together the next day, she let me know she downed a whole container of ice cream, and I did the same with an almost full bag of sweet potato chips…. Don’t you be judging us. You’ve done the same thing!

Just now a thought came about the tribe of Ephraim and how this tribe wasn’t numbered among the 144,000 who were sealed. I believe our Lord is letting us know by this that if we don’t change, we’ll end up just like that tribe. God knows that when I write, I never have any idea of where I’m going, and until this moment, I hadn’t thought about the tribe of Ephraim not getting sealed.

The name and its etymology means “doubly fruitful,” and some sources online say it also means “ashes.” You would think a tribe having a name that meant “doubly fruitful” would have a place of high standing among the tribes, and would not be rejected. In Psalm 78, it’s written that the Lord did not choose Ephraim and in Hosea 5: 9, that Ephraim “would be laid waste on the day of rebuke,… broken and oppressed in judgment.”

Think of it: The tribe of Ephraim made it all the way into Canaan, the promised land, but because they didn’t drive out the Canaanites as they were commanded, they didn’t end up as part of the firstfruits company. This tells us that we who have the call to go on into perfection and have come this far, are in danger of not becoming sealed if we let that which is not of faith continue in our lives. Indulging in the appetites of our belly (anything that gives us pleasure that the Lord has said to put a knife to) will deprive us of having the birthright. The meaning “ashes” for his name may be questionable, but it’s true that if we fail to obey all that God asks of us (drive out the little foxes that spoil the vine), our great hope of perfection will turn to ashes.

This tribe’s outcome lets us know that we can even be doubly fruitful, but if we don’t drive out all the Canaanites in OUR land, we will not be sealed with the Father’s nature. I won’t be able to say to the Lord “I did pretty good in eating 50% live food,” when He directed me to eat 60-70%.

What a lesson! Oh my brethren, let us pray for one another that we make it all the way…. that a whole bunch of foxes will have their tails burned up and that we will shortly be celebrating a great victory. THEN we’ll be hearing our Lord saying:

Well done, good and faithful servants!”….even His praise-worthy foxhounds!

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