Beware Of Coming Under

No one liked “Beware” because he put a damper on people’s carefree life-style. “Beware” wasn’t too keen about himself either, lamenting often that he would rather have been “Joy” or “Contentment,” but that changed on the day when he became aware of the consequences that the lack of wisdom cost people. The angel “Look Out” was sent from “On High” to show him that he was likened to him: “We are what stands between mankind and disaster, but most would rather have fun and get what they desire than to pay attention to our message. All the angels who look out for men have been assigned to walk daily by the sides of each of them. People can not visibly see us unless their eyes are supernaturally opened, but on occasion they do sense in the spirit that we are with them. We have prevented many disasters because grace, goodness and mercy accompany us and them. Yes, we look out for man, but a second witness is needed for the mission of keeping men safe, and that dear fella, is your role.”

When ”Beware” heard the angel call him “dear fella,” a strange sensation went all over him. His mother always called him ”Sweet Fella,” and those were the few times he felt loved and cherished. Soon however, he was going to have one of the most astounding experiences ever and would become extra happy he was who he was, …. even one who would be loved and received in the end. 

“Beware” had been in deep training for the battle of the ages that was coming and needed to become adept in discerning spirits. His instructor, “Keen Observer” told him: “For the most part, men are oblivious to the effect that the spiritual world has on them. Many don’t even believe that the devil exists, much less the legions of demons under his command.” “K.O.” stopped speaking for a moment, eyeing “Beware” assessing how much to tell him. A lot of his prior students freaked out when they learned of the spirits that were in their own lives. The course “Know Your Enemy” had many that dropped out of it, because they weren’t willing to wrestle with their personal demons and take them down. No one could pass the course without first doing the work of casting devils out of their own lives, and few had the fortitude and perseverance that it required. “K.O.” knew immediately through the gift of faith that “Beware” had what it took to do it and was going to be one of the most fearless of God’s warriors after he conquered “Bewitched.” This was the strongman in his life, and the power that had had a stronghold in his family line for generations.

“Ho, ho, ho!” he shouted: “Beware”: You are the one who has been called to deliver mankind, because once they beware of the enemy, the power to overcome him will be granted to them to crush his neck. You have not been well received in the past because of the spirits of rejection in you that have brought havoc in your life.”

As he spoke, several of the rejection spirits acted up and “K.O.” quickly silenced them. As soon as you wrestle “Bewitched” to the ground, you’ll easily take them out. I have been called to instruct you, but you have a greater teacher inside you. I shall leave you in “Spirit”’s hands now, because no formula can work. You’ve tried many times to work using formulas, but to no avail, and that was because your failures were meant to bring you to the place of relying totally on your inner man. Now know without a shadow of a doubt, that the victory has already been won for you through the name above all names…. the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and though His blood.

As soon as he finished speaking, “K.O.” vanished out of sight and “Bewitched,” who had been inside “Beware” immediately manifested his presence outwardly. He was ten feet tall and looked like an unconquerable, ferocious beast. “The Spirit of Fear” immediately manifested himself, too, and “Beware” trembled,…. but only for a moment because “K.O,”’s word had a firm hold in him. “Arghh!” he roared, “I come in the name of the Lord: I’ve been given power over you and because I live my name, I have great strength”…. and that he did, binding “Fear” first, then taking on “Bewitched” along with the legion of devils that came with him. The arm of the Lord in “Beware” took on a gigantic proportion of power, and out of his mouth came the sword that no devil could prevail against. In a flash “Bewitched” was done for, and with the strongman bound, all the other devils screamed in terror as they were cast out.

You who have been bound so long know this story…. It is “Bewitched” who has bound you, too. Do you know who this strongman is? “Beware” is telling you now: “Beware of “THE LAW”! It is the law of sin and death that has condemned you, bringing shame and rejection in your life. Now it’s time you wrestled and brought down every thought and spirit that originated from your being under its dominion.

You say: “The law is good!” and yes, that’s true, but it’s being UNDER the law athat gives power to the beast nature. Ah my brethren: “Beware of the beast and that which gives it power….. and love the one that tells you to beware!”

I say: “BEWARE!”

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