The Best Good-Bye

“Good-bye” was hated by everyone except for the one called “Intertwined,” also known as “The Wine of Joy.” He was knitted with “Truth,” but he had not always been so. Long ago, his name was “Division” and he had to overcome his divisive nature by learning to love those who opposed him and those who thought differently than he did. He came to love “Good-bye” because through her he left his old nature behind, and he especially cherished her because she always brought a new beginning with her.

He tried to tell the people who lived in the town of “Ill-Will” and those in the neighboring towns of “Begrudging” and “Rancor,” that they should accept and even love “Good-bye,” but they couldn’t hear him. Even though he knew that they were deaf, he still sent them letters to try to make them see the truth. At first, the people were just irritated by him, but as time went by, they became infuriated and ended up throwing him into prison.

“Goodbye” was all alone then, with no one to help her. There was one who especially needed her, and how she wished that “Intertwined” could give a life-changing word to that one called “Perception of the Divine,”… a pure, holy man who had always loved God and obeyed Him. He had come to love and give his heart completely to a beautiful woman called “Adoration.”

Because she saw and adored the beautiful qualities in others, “Adoration” had the power to draw love out of them, especially him. Unfortunately, both she and those like her, didn’t realize that adoration was meant to be given to God alone. One of the reasons why “Good-bye” had to come into people’s lives was so that they would cease idolizing each other, but instead, appreciate and love one another with a godly love.

Both “Adoration” and “Perception” would need to separate from each other until the time their idolatry ceased. First, “Intertwined” would have to be released from prison through the power of prayer. When their hearts were ready to receive the truth, miraculously he was delivered out of prison by an angel.

Coming to them in fullness of power, he proclaimed: “You are called by the Most High God to ascend into the highest realms of the heavens and of the universe. You must embrace “Good-bye” before you do, or imperfection will be found in you. Know that holy fire has come now to burn out every emotion that is not of Him, for to be prepared to come into this holiest of all places, you must be pure and single-eyed. You shall have no other Gods before you!” he thundered.

Having the fear of the Lord, “Perception” was the first to receive and believe his message, instantly becoming “True Love,” the name/nature ordained for him to have from the beginning of creation. However, it was going to take a little more time for “Adoration” to accept “Good-bye,” as she needed new thinking and a heart change to do it.

“Intertwined” looked her squarely in the eye: “Do you see me, “Adoration”? Do you know how I got to become my name? You don’t, do you!…. So I shall tell you: I bowed low,… so low that the earth swallowed me up and then, when I was in its bowels, fire came- …a fire so intense that it burned me into ashes, but it was so that I could be turned into beauty. Will you make “The Choice,”…. even the choice I had to make to become nothing,… to have nothing,… to only want to do the will of the Father?”

“Adoration” trembled. She had never given full control of her life to her Lord and often walked in presumption. Now the hour had come for her to recognize that if she wanted a better life,…. even the life of the redeemed, she, too, had to bow low. “If you can help me,” she cried out,” I will embrace you, with all my heart.”

And so it came to pass that “Adoration” became reformed and given the new name of “Consecrated.” “Good-bye,” who also had been given a new name, then approached her with a vital message. “Don’t touch me,” she cautioned….”It won’t be long and my new name shall be revealed to you, but first, you must let “Joshua” take you by the hand. After you have learned from him how to make the sun and moon stand still, your life shall be completely changed. You will be reunited with “True Love” and come to know the secrets of the universe, able to tell them to all whose names are “Willing.”

“Wonder,” the glory of God suddenly appeared, infusing himself into “Consecrated” and “True Love,” making them one. Neither had to be told, but immediately knew “The Truth”… They were intertwined with it and could hear “Good-bye” whisper to them: “My name has been changed to “New Beginnings”: Receive my blessing and enter into joy… into bliss… into “Yada’s Door,” for everlasting “Union” has become yours!”

NOW the question is being asked to you who are moving on from the elementary principles into “PERFECTION”: “Do YOU know how to make the sun and the moon stand still, and do you realize that the holy city,… the “New Jerusalem,” shall have no need of the sun, nor the moon, to shine in it?” (Revelation 21: 23) The city is YOU, the “living stones,” who have the LAMB as your LIGHT and need no other. (Revelation 21: 23)

Oh my brethren: It’s time for all of us to say “Good-bye” to “SELF’s RULE”!

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