Remembering Jesus In Prison

Matthew 25: 42-45

The following is a prophecy given to me on June 2, 1997 that I recently found while looking for something to send to a prisoner who is a pen pal I have never met. This prophecy was especially encouraging to me at the time I was given it, and still is. I hope it will be for you as well:

To The Chosen

If you stand on my mountain, recognizing my presence, consecrating yourself and your will, you will not only see my beauty, but you will see all things as they are.

My people, even you, have not come to me in full abandonment… You must empty yourself before you can be filled.

Know that my desire is not only to open your eyes to give you understanding… It is to give you ALL of myself-…. to cause you to walk in union with me that fear will no longer have a place-…. Only love will prompt your actions then, and peace will be the fruit of it.

Know that you are a chosen vessel. Men have not chosen you, for I have not given men the power to do so. You have been reserved as my choice, and I shall dry your tears from having been rejected of men.

Arise! Put on my beauty, but be aware that the spirit of pride waits to snatch you away. Be on guard that you do not walk in vanity, even vanity from having my beauty. If you will cry out to me in your moments of temptation, you will be kept free from pride.

I have many missions for you and my people. They are not the glamorous missions that the ego desires. Yea, they are the things the ego does not desire, but I tell you that if and when my children do my will, joy will be their portion… exceedingly great joy.

It is joy that I give you today, for you desire me and desire to do my will. Do not have pride concerning this, as I am the one who has given you the desire and has enabled you to remain true to me. Take no credit for what I have accomplished in you and you shall do well.

You are greatly loved, and again I say to you: You are a choice vessel.”

Please pray for our brother in Christ only 33 years old who became homeless when he was only 14. A few weeks ago James was sexually assaulted by another prisoner and “hurt him pretty bad” (his words.) Consequently, he was placed in isolation (in the “box” as they call it) for 50 days. He is getting much less food now as part of his punishment and is only allowed to have ten minute showers three times a week. James was knifed previously in a different prison, transferred to a new facility and put on psychiatric drugs due to the trauma. He also has had a recent diagnosis of having aids, which for a young man who’s known the Lord not quite a year and a half is a heavy load to carry. Please believe with me that he will become fully healed and restored, and will make the devil tremble after God builds him up. Oh that James may feel the Lord’s presence mightily, even every day. God bless you for holding him up with your powerful prayers. ❤️Michele

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