New Life Coming To A Head

I’m not sure why my post “Who Shall Be Crowned?” is still showing up as a draft and not on my blog, so I’m reposting it now with an added note. I’m a believer that “all things work for the good for those of us who love the Lord, so perhaps my including this simple little vision that I had left out when I wrote my post is “the good”: I saw butterflies on every point of the crown that we shall have and every butterfly had a diamond in its head. Oh yes, new life is coming to “a head”…. to those who have grown up into “THE head.”

I had shared in a previous post that the Lord revealed that the “diamond church” was not yet present, but would be on the “next page.” Truly we are a book of epistles with many pages and a diamond symbolizes “truth.” Oh brethren, what this conveys to me is that when we’re “filled up” with truth, we’ll be crowned and set free, just like the butterflies are from out of their long stay in the cocoon. Truly “obedience” is the key to fulfilling the word of the diamond church going to be on on the “next page.” Oh yes, the “Day of Crowning” is at hand and the question is:


“Teachable Spirit” was trying hard to learn, but she had a mental block due to her upbringing as a child. Because there had been no teaching or training to work hard, not only was she stunted in her growth to perform well, she was stunted in her capacity to think things through to clear conclusions.

“How can this come from not having been trained to work hard?” she questioned. Words from the “Spirit” sprang up in her mind like a swordfish ascending from the deep giving the answer: “If people don’t have godly goals, and if they do not know they have the capacity to reach them, it’s like having muscles that have never been exercised. The muscles not only don’t develop their potential, they deteriorate, and can become so weak that they can no longer function.”

Recognizing her need for help, “Teachable Spirit” cried out to the one called “Life-Giving Word.” He instantly appeared at that moment, having soap in His hand and admonished her gently: “You must wash away all the can’ts in your thinking, all your doubts, and your unbelief, for if you allow them to remain, I won’t be able to help you. Understand that soap alone can not do the work. You must draw water from the well of life deep within, and then the soap and water (the LIVING spirit/word of God) will accomplish the desired end.

“Teachable Spirit” gratefully heard the instruction, and taking the soap from his hand, set out to get her bucket list. “Inspire me!” she cried out to “Wisdom”, for without your inspiration, I can’t succeed.”

And so it was that “Illumination,” the daughter of “Wisdom,” appeared and assured her: “I will be with you every step of the way as you seek God with all your heart, and now I shall tell you a secret: You have been held back from accomplishing much, because the goals you have had were unworthy of the name you bear…. All that comes out of the carnal mind is vain glory, and while men esteem those who have great accomplishments in this world…. those who seem to reach the height of heaven with them, they are but dung in the sight of the One Who bought them with His blood. They are dead men who know not God, but ones who have stolen His glory, playing a false god in their lives: “Self sitting on the throne” is an abomination, and all who deify self, gratifying their lust for power, wealth, fame, money and all that this world has, are followers of the devil, How many have forgotten the words of Jesus’ rebuke to that deceiving one when he spoke out of Peter? “Satan, get thee BEHIND ME!” He commanded. “You treasure the things that be of men!” God’s own children have set themselves up as kings of the religious world and think they are doing God a service while they glorify themselves basking in the admiration of men. It shall not be so with God’s elect. It shall not be so with you, little one. God’s grace has kept you from it.”

As “Illumination” finished speaking, a multitude of angels surrounded her singing: “Trust and obey, there’s no other way, but to trust and obey.” The sweetness of their harmonious voices filled “Teachable”’s heart with great joy empowering her will with renewed energy.

Because “Teachable” was teachable and always depended upon the Lord, “Wisdom” put Godly goals in her mind, empowering her with discipline to accomplish works of faith. It was through her tongue of “life” that she initiated them giving all the praise to God. Hear it: Every work of man that does not begin through a faith spoken word, is not written in Heaven’s record of great works. It was through “Teachable”’s own tongue that her name was changed to “Trusting” to “Submitted” to “Disciplined” and finally to “Glory,” and today, she is sitting on the throne with great honor.

So you, with ears to hear and eyes to see: Can you see the light of “Illumination” and “Wisdom” beaming on YOUR path? Do you know that everyone who is teachable and who obeys wisdom, shall be caught up to the throne, too? If you do, your head shall soon be crowned. Yay! Your “Day of Crowning” is at hand!

“In that day the Lord of Hosts will become a beautiful crown, and a glorious diadem to the remnant of his people. (Isaiah 28: 5).

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