Go Get That Wolf

I was just about to publish a finished post, and almost in a shout, the word “Wait!” came. So here I am writing what the Lord wants instead, which is the word that came when a friend and I prayed together today. We both have been struggling with loving our enemies …. she, with an awful neighbor, and I with someone who’d been a scoundrel in my life. I saw a wolf licking his nose and afterwards, he turned into a wolf. “How do I love a wolf, Lord?” I asked. I had forgiven this man and blessed him, but I didn’t have love for him.

In the course of Barbara and I praying and seeking God for us to have the Lord’s heart for them, she shared a dream that God had given her sometime ago. In it, her biological father was telling her that she needed to place her enemy in the “name of the Father.” As she shared this, I realized that name and nature are one and the same, and Luke 6: 35 came to my mind: “ Love your enemies, and do good…. and you shall be the children of the Highest (the FATHER): for he is kind to the unthankful and to the evil.”

Then the Lord gave me a vision of myself with a snake wrapped all around me. He took the tail of that snake and unwound it off my body and after He did, the snake turned into a rod. Oh brethren, THIS reveals the key of all keys in order to have ruling power- the rod of iron…. even the shepherd’s staff.  The Lord said that “shepherds are coming” a few nights ago, and now I realize that these are ones who shall be rendering good for evil. 

I don’t know yet what good I can do for the one whose nose (wrong discernment) had changed him, but I’m looking to the One Who does. As I am waiting on Him to show me, I want you who are my subscribers to know how entwined all of us are. After I write my posts, I usually don’t remember the messages in them, but I have a precious subscriber who God uses to check a “like” when I need to be reminded of something that fits in my present situation. In January, I wrote about taking on a wolf in the post called “Look Out,” and wouldn’t you know, she checked the “like” on the same day I had the vision on the wolf. But in January I didn’t have the revelation that it was by doing good that I would get that wolf.

We are all connected Brethren…. yes, even to the wolves in our lives. How I pray that this is the year that we win them over with goodness and love…. God knows I don’t have a clue of how I can do it with this wolf, but He knows.

My part and yours, too, is to listen and obey. So let us be like the one who said: “Throw me to the wolves, and I’ll return leading the pack.” (UNKNOWN)

Sounds like Jesus to me!!

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