The Sealing Of The Perfected Ones

“Innocence Regained” was fully protected now that the angels placed the seal of victory upon her forehead. Because her love was true, her essence pure, and her faith powerful, the seal’s emblem was a combination of a red, a white and a blue rose-…a sign of her glorious freedom in the Spirit. This lovely emblem was seen by everyone as evidence that she was one of the virgins set apart to manifest “God’s Glory” in full display.

Only the overcomers of their old nature could be sealed, and she, who once had the name “Wanton,” won her victory when she overcame not only the lust of the flesh, but also, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life. It was then that her new name was given.

“Regained Innocence” was always accompanied by two invisible angels who made themselves visible in the time needed. The one whose name was “Beware” always manifested himself with a message of warning concerning the enemy’s tactics when there was danger ahead.

The other angel, whose name was “Appropriate Response,” would appear directly after him, inspiring the gracious words that were to come out of “Regained Innocence’s” lips.… It was only through the power of spoken words that life could come, and he never failed to know the right words to say.

The wicked one whose name was “Prize Stealer” always lurked nearby, but had no chance of having his desire fulfilled as long as “Beware” and “Appropriate Response” were with “Innocence Regained.”

Every day this lovely one walked together with “Faithful,” her Beloved, in the garden, smelling the roses and talking of things to come,.… especially of their wedding. Oh how her heart would throb with longing when “Faithful” spoke of that day which wasn’t far away. Bluebirds would flutter their wings of happiness over them and the doves of promise would sit on each of their shoulders. Great peace and joy were theirs when they sang the words of their love song to each other:

They thought that the bliss they felt would go on forever, but their bliss would be momentarily interrupted because “Faithful” had a test to pass before he and “Regained Innocence” could be joined together as one. In order for him to be sealed with the same seal she had, he would need to gain a double anointing upon his name. He had passed the first test, the hardest test of all, but the little test before him was just as weighty, because “little foxes spoil the vine”.… All little foxes had to be captured, and there was still one in his life that had to be removed before he could receive his seal.

“Faithful” knew to pray to the Only One Who could help him in the times of testing and during his times of trouble. He was always consistent in praying fervently, and because he was, his prayers were answered, and this prayer was no exception. Binocular glasses were immediately brought to “Faithful” by an angel named “Insight,” and he was then able to detect the little fox that was spoiling his vine, his source of joy. By comprehending the nature of that sly thing that was visible on the outside, being a type and shadow of what was within himself, he would be able to defeat it. He well understood that when the nature of something is revealed, the battle is half won.

Strengthening himself in the Word of God, meditating on it and speaking it to himself, he was ready to go forth in the name of the Lord to slay the enemy of his soul, which was called “Just a Little Bit of Unbelief.”

Such a huge smile was on his face when he went forth decreeing defeat to it in the name of the Lord. He knew this time that He had already won the victory by faith, before he actually saw it come to pass.

NOW “Faithful” and “Innocence Regained” were ready to be married… the male and the female would be one, sealed forever. 

Can you, who are “The Called” hear the sonic boom of their breaking through the light barrier? The Lord’s shouting in His triumphant voice through it to every one of us: “You’ve got power and victory through my blood, my name, my Word and my Spirit, so now go get those little foxes that spoil the vine.

The day of “The Great Sealing” is at hand!”

Author’s Note: The Bible reveals that 144000 virgins were sealed and that it was the seal that protected them from the destruction that was coming. Being that the Book of Revelation is written in symbolic form, we know that these are not literal virgins…. They are the pure ones in Christ who do not have intercourse with the world and with the religious system-….. the ones who have come into total union with the Lord with their spirit and soul as one. It’s my prayer that every one of you who read this blog will overcome everything not of God in your lives…. that an impartation of power, authority, and love be granted to you for the breakthroughs you need. Please pray for mine, too. Thanking God for you, ❤️Michele

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