Get On Board

Today the Lord said: “I want you to write about martial law,” and my response was “Huh? I know nothing about it.” I didn’t actually hear the words from the Holy Spirit, but in my spirit, I knew that the download was already in me, and that I just needed faith to draw it out.

The first thought that came, like a fiery burst propelling a rocket-ship, was that the message would be about what martial law spiritually represents, and immediately afterwards, the year 1986 popped into my mind…. Then another “HUH?” as I had no remembrance whatsoever of what took place that year, or what in the “heavens,” not “heck,” spiritual martial law is.

The Lord launched me out into our own little internet cyber space to discover that on January 28, 1986, the space shuttle “Challenger” had its fatal accident. I sadly learned that it could have been prevented, if those in charge had only waited for the right temperature before the OK was given to launch the rocket. They took a huge risk and overrode the still small voice within, and didn’t listen to the counsel that questioned its safety with the temperature being so low.

Yep, this is about “O-rings,” challenge/challengers, “temper”-eratures, the loss of life, the law. and the loss of freedom….. God wants His people to ascend and dwell in heavenly places, but if we don’t wait on Him, if we by-pass the warning of the still small voice within and the voice of wise counselors, if we challenge God’s wisdom, if we walk in presumption and pride, if our temper isn’t just right, and if we don’t operate in the spirit of the law of life and love, then the law of sin and death, even spiritual martial law, will keep us earth bound and sick in mind, soul and bodies… even kill us.

The cause of the space shuttle’s accident was due to the failure of two redundant O-ring seals in a joint in the space shuttle’s right socket booster. It was the record low temperature that prevented the O-rings from creating the seals. Oh brethren, this teaches us the spiritual lesson that every joint must supply the needs in the body of Christ with the booster of the oil of the Spirit, and what cost, when we fail to do this! We can’t afford to be cold to one another. Our love is to be hot, because if we don’t love each other fervently, we can’t be sealed with God’s seal that will protect us from all harm. 

We’re about ready to “take off”,…. even in the most amazing “enterprise” of all and do great exploits, even greater ones than Jesus did. God does not want His people under martial law with the sound of “Oh, oh , oh! OH NO!” ringing in his ears from their cries. He wants ascended ones in tip-top condition who like Jesus was in Heaven from whence He did His work on earth. (John 3: 13)

The rocket-ships “Endeavor” and “Enterprise” made it to their destinations, and they came back to earth with “good news.” We must do the same. God tells us not to let the challenge of the cares of this life choke out his Word causing us to end up in failure and loss. Let us mind our own business, even the Father’s business, and get on board the fellowship/rocket-ship “Enterprise” which will rocket us into the universe (oneness- the Word unified in us.)

Oh get oiled up, saints of God: Get fired up, and get sealed: It’s time to soar!

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