Shepherds With Iron Rods

Whatcha’ got in your hand? I’m hoping it’s an iron rod because through it, nations will be smitten and ruled over. In the middle of the night I heard the words: “Shepherds are coming,” and afterwards, when a flood of thoughts went racing through my mind, I said: “Lord, it’s like I have a whole lot of iron rods in the fire and don’t know what to do with them.” I believe He wanted me to have just THAT thought, because it led me to the rod of iron given to the overcomers who prevail over the conditions and ruling spirits described in the Church of Thyatira. Hear it: Those in this church suffered THAT woman Jezebel to teach. (Rev.2: 20) She represents not only the rulership of the teachers in the Harlot church, but the ruling of one’s own soul to get her way. In the Greek, “that” in Rev. 2: 20 is “YOUR” woman, signifying the soul’s rule.

The Lord specifically instructed me to pull out a small book in which I wrote visions, words and dreams given to me in 2007. I had no remembrance of anything written in it and was amazed at this vision on its first page that tied in with what the Spirit of God revealed to me this week:

The Lord‘s hand ripped the garment of shame off me, and then told me to take my place in a line of soldiers who formed we a straight line…. There were no rows, just one line. I took a step forward taking my place in it, and then the rest of the soldiers did the same. The Lord impressed me with the fact that in the day coming, there would be no generals,…. that HE would be the general in each soldier who would be like a piano key-…. each a key to be played by Him. The triumphant music of Overcomers will be heard all over the earth,.… overcomers made up of soldiers who won the battle for their souls.

Afterwards I listened to a timely message in which it was revealed that believers who don’t rule over their souls will not be able to take their souls with them when they die. Their bodies and souls will be asleep, but this will not be true of the remnant who work out their salvation. They will be part of the first resurrection, while those who did not have Christ fully formed in them won’t be. Only those who overcome the flesh, the world and the devil will rule and reign for 1000 years.

There’s a saying: “Strike while the iron is hot!” and I say “Amen.” Beloved, that iron has to be used in order for us to gain our inheritance in Christ…. the fullness of God in us….. peace, joy and righteousness in the Holy Ghost. “And he that overcomes, and keeps my words until the end, to him will I give power over the nations. And he shall rule them with a rod of iron, as the vessels of a potter shall they be broken to shivers: even as I received of my father.” (Revelations 2: 26, 27)

This is a short eye-opening synopsis from a writing by J. Preston Eby of the symbolic meanings of the seven nations Canaan that must be overcome: #1. The Hittites: “terror” from a word meaning “to breakdown by confusion and fear.” #2: The Girgashites, the offspring of Ham with the meaning “dark.” Its spiritual implication is “to be ignorant, without understanding, or having a false understanding,” #3: The Amorites: “publicity, prominence, or exalted” which points to “pride” and “every thought and high thing in our lives that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, including vain imaginations.” #4: A Canaanite means “a peddler, trickster or trafficker” which symbolizes “showmanship, charlatanism, pretense, gimmickry and religious racketeers. #5: The Perizzites are “an open or unwalled country,” representing being “defenseless” due to weaknesses, doubts, indecision, condemnation, etc.” #6: The Hivites have the meaning of “village” or “encampment” representing “that which is organized (doing things the world’s way.) #7: A Jebusite has the meaning of “a threshing place” which symbolizes all the trials and tribulations we have.

After my thoughts did some simmering in my mind’s slow cooking crockpot, the Lord gave me more insight in the middle of my sleep when I heard the word “steeped in tradition.” Also, at that same time, I had a dream of a pastor I once knew who was a very anointed minister. I was a worship leader in her church and I do mean “her” church, but left the ministry after I had a vision of her bursting through the floor of the church dressed in a witch’s garb, saying: “I’m a witch! I can’t help myself.” This prophetess, teacher and pastor was a very gifted woman with great revelations of the Word of God, and it was inconceivable to me that she could be a witch. But after I had the vision, I remembered her daughter’s words to me: “Whatever my mother wants, she gets!”…. and yes, it was true.

Many in the body of Christ don’t realize that people who have the Holy Ghost can have both the power of God and the power of witchcraft working in operation in their lives. Everyone of us who has to have our own way, and pray exceedingly for it when it is NOT the will of God, is exercising a form of witchcraft, and oh how, demons work with those who are forceful about getting their own way. In my vision, this minister was saying that she couldn’t help herself, and it’s true she wasn’t able to do so, because our beliefs make us what we are. It’s not possible to change until we know the truth. The Harlot church makes witches out of the people who follow her when they believe and follow teachings that have error mixed with truth. Many think Babylon is the true church because she has the goods (even rich with God’s word and gifts.) Truth is in her alright, but it is held unrighteously, used for people’s own gain. They know the truth, but never come into union with it, which is the meaning of “holding the truth unrighteously.” There are far too many leaders like King Saul. The people wanted a king, but God wanted to be their head, so look what they got. Sad to say, many believers today are no different than the Israelites in Moses’ time who did not want to seek the Lord directly.

In my dream, I was in a small Bible study, and this same minister I knew was leading it. No one else had a chance to speak a word, and in the end I stood up and spoke against what was a total takeover. Isn’t this what’s happening in the church system with “the pastor” giving “THE message” week after week? There is nowhere in the Bible that states that the pastor is to be the “head.” We are called to have a corporate work like the early church had, not a one man show, and in my dream, I stated words to that effect.

The name “Lot” has the meaning of “veil” and a “covering,” and as only God could orchestrate it, the name of this minister has “Lot” in it. When Abraham was given the command to get out of Babylon and leave his kindred, Lot was NOT supposed to go with him. Oh how we have been just like Abraham keeping with us what was supposed to be left behind in Babylon, and consequently, there’s a veil over our hearts that needs to be removed.

Before I continue on, I feel to point out that every believer covered by the blood of the Lamb has IMPUTED righteousness to them, therefore they are righteous, but there’s a difference between having righteousness worked in us and it being imputed to us. The minister I’m writing about was ignorant of her state of being, but she will come to realize it if she follows on to know the Lord and comes out of the “system” that the Harlot presides over. When her heart and all of our hearts fully turn to the Lord, the veil which Lot represents, will be removed. Isn’t it wonderful that after Abraham delivered Lot when he was in trouble that it was THEN that he was visited by Melchizedek.

I believe that when our eyes are opened to see how “steeped in tradition” the church is, and when we get all of Babylon’s teachings out of us, THEN our ministry as priests and kings of the Melchizedek order will begin…. We shall be TRUE shepherds having no false covering and yay, we will have the rod of iron to rule righteously.

So look out all you Goliaths: God has shepherds coming even NOW, with red hot irons to get you!

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    • Oh Marilyn, how sweet and kind of you to wish me a happy Mother’s Day. You, dear one, have a mother’s heart and I thank God for the love that flows out of it to me and to everyone in your life. Thank you so much for blessing me.


    • I thank you so much for taking the time to make this comment. It’s such an encouragement! God is in our imaginations, eh?and for me, there’s nothing more exciting than to see what He’ll put in mine next.
      God bless you Barbara and give you wings to fly in imagination’s wonder today.

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