Look Up

“Deranged” couldn’t stand herself. She had been out of order since the day she was born because of having had an untimely birth, and because she was an unwanted child whose appearance into the world changed all the lives around her. As no one wanted her, except perhaps her mother. I say perhaps, because her mother, “Impetuous,” was an ambiguous person. She didn’t know what she wanted, and because she didn’t know, she went wherever any moment took her. The moment “Deranged” was conceived occurred in a place behind a bar room, where “Impetuous” in a drunken stupor, had a one night stand with a man she didn’t know.

When “Impetuous” discovered that she was pregnant, she planned to abort her child, but an encounter like none she had ever had before took place. As she was on her way to see a doctor who performed abortions on the sly for a hefty price, she was suddenly waylaid. Lightning and thunder of gigantic proportions came from out of nowhere and within them was a voice,…. a commanding voice that proclaimed: “If you do this thing, you shall die!” It shook her to the core and wonder of wonders, she listened. Truly it was a wonder, for “Impetuous” never listened.

“Impetuous” had a praying grandmother,…. a godly woman who was loving and faithful, but she, like all her ancestors before her, had a sin that try as she might, she could not overcome. It was a sin of the spirit, not of the flesh, called “spiritual idolatry.”

“How was it possible that a godly, faithful and loving woman have the sin of spiritual idolatry?” one might wonder, not realizing that spiritual idolatry is the sin every man is born into because of the great sin that Adam and Eve committed in their desire to be like God.

“Deranged” was not only the physical child of “Impetuous,” she and her mother also were the spiritual fruit that came from spiritual idolatry. There was to be no deliverance from this sin until the day of HIS power,….  the day ordained by the “Most High God” to overcome the world-….yay, the world in every man’s heart that brought about the derangement of the mind. All the world has been out of order waiting, even moaning and groaning for this day to arrive.

“Behold! The stone come out of the mountain, even the illustrious diamond church is coming! “Deranged”! “Impetuous”: “Look up for your redemption is drawing nigh!” “The Voice” proclaimed. “Deranged,” you will no longer be called “Deranged” in this hour, but instead, you shall be called “Order” after the order of the Melchizedek Priesthood. And “Impetuous,” you shall no longer act from your own will, for you shall be “Submission.” The two of you from the beginning of time were in the heart of the Father to rule the world… Yay, the time has come!

Look up! Look up! Look up!

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