The Glory of Sacrifice

“Sacrifice” didn’t have many friends… She stood alone almost always because every time she got near to people, great conviction would come to the ones who lived in the “Kingdom of Self Rule” with the realization that they were not living right. “Sacrifice” was sent to that desolate place of “Self Rule” to be an example of “The Way, the Truth and the Life” to everyone.

By all appearances, the “Kingdom of Self” did not look desolate. It had many busy streets with bustling people and classy modern cars trafficking them, shopping malls galore with every product imaginable to purchase in them, movie theaters, entertainment centers, universities, stadiums, you name the company and it was there, and most eye-catching, were the giant statues of dead men everywhere which were type and shadow images of the people themselves who lived in the “Kingdom of Self.” All looked alive on the outside, but were dead on the inside, hence no matter what activity was undertaken, desolation was the result.

When “Sacrifice” walked through the streets and entered the tall buildings of “Man’s Show,” the light within her magnified everything revealing that the possessions of man were dingy and worthless in comparison to the glory “Sacrifice” had. “Sacrifice” understood her light was so bright that it blinded the people who looked at her, so she chose to wear a veil most of the time. Only a flicker of light could be seen through the veil until she knew by the movement of the Urim and Thummim inside her, that her light was to be revealed to the appointed ones who were led by the angels to her.

So it happened that one day, one whose name was “Mousey” came to “Sacrifice” trembling all over, “I’ve seen you far off many times “Sacrifice,” she relayed struggling to get the words out, shaking so much. “Last night I had a dream in which I was told by the angel “Enterprise” that I was to follow you, and I am very perplexed about this, because I don’t know where you could possibly be taking me. I have never followed anyone before, but the angel was so beautiful and spoke reassuringly to me, that if I followed you I would engage in the greatest enterprise of all on earth… the enterprise of becoming new and making everything new that I touched. The angel told me that you had done this and that you were an example to everyone of how it could be accomplished.” Mousy stood before “Sacrifice” still trembling, feeling much afraid. She had always been “Mousy” and very, very frightened all the time. The idea of her changing from what she was familiar with, to only what she couldn’t even imagine, almost froze her in her tracks.

“Sacrifice” felt such great compassion for “Mousey” remembering how very much like her she was when she started on her own journey on the “Path of Truth” long ago. Taking her by the hand, she gently whispered: “Come! I’ll show you the way.” When “Mousey” felt her touch, a wonderful peace settled all over her and she realized that she was empowered by a new substance. That substance was called “Dew” which was what would cause everything it touched to grow, and eventually become “Life in the Fullest.”

“Oh my!” Mosey exclaimed. “I feel alive… I’ve never felt alive before!” “Sacrifice” was overjoyed that her touch brought this about, for she knew that before a sacrifice could be made, it had to be a “living” sacrifice. No great enterprise could be accomplished unless there was a living sacrifice.

The spirit of prophecy arrived on the scene at that moment and made the proclamation: “Unless a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abides alone: but if it die, it brings forth much fruit. He that loves his life shall lose it; and he that hates his life in this world shall keep it unto life eternal.”

“Die? Must I die?!” “Mousey” cried in horror.

“There, there!” “Sacrifice” said, patting “Mousey’s” shoulder causing her to sense peace again. “When you die to “Self,” you arise after you die into a new life. Look at me!” “Sacrifice” removed her veil and the glory of God showed all over her and through her. The great wonder of her being a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and her head a crown of 12 stars was revealed to “Mousey.” “You can be JUST like me. Yes, you can be a testimony to all creation that God lives when you die to self… when you enter into “The Great Enterprise.”

“Oh my, oh my, oh my!” exclaimed “Mousey.” How can that possibly be? How can I do it?”

“Sacrifice” took an old rugged cross out of her bosom that had the power to double itself when it was extended to another. Putting one of the crosses back to its place inside her, she gave the other one to “Mousey.” “When you carry the cross in your heart remembering that you died with the Lord Jesus Christ long ago at the time He took all your sins away, you will rise and rise and rise until you are completely formed into the new life that will bless all of creation.

“Mousey” was ready! Soon her name would be changed to “New Life” and she would be made known to all the inhabitants of the earth, for she was ordained to be part of the company of living stones in the city New Jerusalem. All who dwelled in this city bore the same name and were called “The Mother of All Living.” What a great enterprise!… even the taking of the prize by the ones who no longer were ruled by self.

Victory in Jesus in DEED!!

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