Sugar’s Epiphany

“Sugar,” also known as “False Pleasure,” had the whole world eating out of her hand. Her sister “Joy,” had been abducted and murdered when she was little, so without “Joy” in her life, she had no recourse but to be who she was. “Sugar”’s personality was man-made-…. a product of having been conformed to the world,…. even a product of words thought to have been life-words, but in reality were death-words.

She had not been born in “Eden,” as her sister “Joy” had been. She had been born in a forlorn, little town called “Deprivation” on the outskirts of “Hell.” It was her destiny to be one who seduced others, poisoning them little by little until a prince would come with deep, penetrating eyes whose look would set her soul on fire… purifying fire… holy fire… righteous fire that would consume her fleshly desire and change her name/nature to “Utter Contentment,”….even “Peace That Passes Understanding.”

Like a worm passing each day doing its own thing, she spent her days eating sugar, consuming its poison not realizing the effects on her body until a shout came from heaven. It was like thunder having the power to shake the ground under her feet: “When your heart returns to the Lord,…. when evil desire is recognized for what it is, THEN your prince shall come!” the Word proclaimed.

Poor “Sugar”! She had been born with the evil desire, and even was the desire itself, so how could she be any different? Trembling, she cried out to the One Who could help her: “I don’t know how to change! Help me!” she screamed.

“You have already begun,” the still small voice spoke within, bringing back to her mind that the one who trembles at God’s Word is the one who finds the “Way.” Eat my flesh, drink my blood and be what you cannot be in your self-ruling nature!”.… “Do this in remembrance of me” were words that “Sugar” had forgotten. She had made them a ritual that had no life, but now in the “Day of His Power,” she remembered what her Lord said, and was endued with grace and authority to change.

“I shall no longer be “Sugar”! Peace” come forth!” she commanded, and in that moment, her prince came. She beheld Him in her heart taking form within her as her very being, and words, like celebration streamers, came flowing powerfully and effortlessly out of her mouth. “My desire has come!” she shouted, “And it’s no longer I who lives, but Christ!” Oh yes, she knew it before with her mind, but now her heart sang, having the manifestation of the “Real I” and her new name: “True Identity.”

Can you see her now as a picture of you who have overcome YOUR nature? If so, know that it’s time for your grand entrance: The whole world is waiting for you.

Categories: Allegories, Writings

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