What’s On Your Head?

Are you one to run to the Internet to find out about a person you just met, the writer of a post you just read, the new neighbor on the block, the preacher you just listened to, and if you found out something bad about them, would you write them off? Do you realize that if King David lived in our day, you’d be removing more than a person in your life by not having anything to do with him? He had a mighty key of authority and when you reject a child of God, you just might lose a key that could unlock a spiritual treasure likened unto the “Key of David.” An undeniable fact is that who we receive and who we reject will affect our destinies.

We’re called to honor all men, not just the ones we think that have it all together. So many who seem morally pure, are full of dead men’s bones and dead, dead, DEAD thinking. It was the reasoning mind that put Jesus to death, and you, who are respecters of persons, are killing your own spiritual lives by judging carnally and not honoring others

If we think we can judge people and dismiss them out of our lives because they don’t measure up to our standards, we don’t know the same Jesus who ate with every kind of person there is and loved them. Are any of us without sin? If we look upon a person to lust, we’ve committed adultery…. If we’re angry with our brother, we’ve committed murder, and listen here all you who judge others: If we commit just ONE sin, we’re guilty of them ALL! Oh that every man would realize that there’s absolutely “NOTHING” good in our flesh-…. my, flesh, yours, or anyone’s else’s, so tell me: WHY do we look at people’s flesh instead of seeing them by the Spirit?

Many in the body of Christ are calling ministers “Reverend,” and those who are but flesh, love to be called that, taking the glory due to God for themselves. Jesus plainly said: “Don’t call me “Rabbi” (teacher.) Think of it: He was/is the greatest teacher of all, but he refused to be called by that simple title or any other title. I remember how shocked I was when a minister that had “Dr., Reverend, and Pastor” attached to her name, told me that I too, could have a doctorate degree without going to a college to get it. Whew! And she is not the only one in Christendom who has an unearned doctorate for the purpose of gaining the praise and honor of men. A dear friend of mine who has an earned master’s degree let me know that her church was giving her an honorary doctorate degree with NO schooling required to get it. Oh the SHAME of Christians who have to have a name for themselves. I’m fired up about this, brethren, because this thing ought not to be! It is in total opposition to all that Jesus taught. A few of the dearest, most anointed people in my life have been ones who didn’t have a high school education. These were hidden away and NOT esteemed by men, but for me, they were and are the best of the best.

You who judge people according to their degrees and their accomplishments in this world, I tell you that you’re blind and poor. You who need to be a big cheese and you who admire those who are fleecing you of more than your money, need to repent. Too many who are “big wigs” in the church have just that on their heads-…. false coverings to deceive people into thinking they are something they are not. It’s a huge SHAM!

Now I speak to those who run to your pastor relying on him for the yay or nay of what you read and hear. Yes, God has pastors in the body of Christ, but hard as you look, nowhere in the Bible will you find that a pastor is the “head” of a church. Jesus is THE pastor! The Harlot Church (Babylon) has set up a hierarchy that has bamboozled us and when we finally realize it, we can hear the Lord say: “Come OUT of her, my people!” Are YOU still in her depending on religious flesh to confirm and reject what you could know through intimacy with your Lord? How long will it take before God’s people realize that the whole religious SYSTEM is corrupt… It’s a mixture and God HATES mixtures. Listen: You WON’T hear the voice of the bridegroom in her. Our Lord wants us to be “grown ups” who hear Him DIRECTLY, not babies expecting pastors to feed us.

Jesus expressed great anger against the religious Pharisees of His time, and I find myself stirred up over what self-righteous hypocrites are doing to the body of Christ in our day. You who would swing your swords with all your might in unrighteous judgments at God’s people, take a good look at King David: He committed adultery and had Bathsheba’s husband killed, yet the Word of God states that David was a man after his own heart. How many men after God’s own heart have you defamed, killed and thought unworthy to be in your presence? God says to receive one another and to love one another, but instead, some of you have cast out the members of the body of Christ, judging them to be evil.

My heart is sorrowful that those who should be highly esteemed are not, but those chosen of God are like David, Joseph, and Job.… Yay! They will be the ones who shall have THE LORD’S PRAISE! Oh people of God, many value the praises of men more than the praises of God, but let it not be so with you. Our Lord wants glory on our heads….,

NOT wigs!

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  1. We must also take the “news” we find online with a grain of salt. There seems to be more disreputable sites popping up every day. If you did deep enough, you can find “dirt” on anyone. But so you really want to roll around in the slime! NO THANKS!

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    • So true dear sister. Smith Wigglesworth, a mighty man of God who made a huge difference in God’s kingdom, would not allow a newspaper to be brought into his home. I haven’t stopped reading the news online yet, but I’m beginning to think that following his example would be wise. The cares of this world do choke out the world and as I write this I am asking the Lord to give His grace that I would read the news only by His leading, if at all. I appreciate your comment so much and the message your blog’s name conveys: Our Father’s world is where there’s life!
      May God bless you and bless you more.
      Love, Michele


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