The Opening

“Bound” couldn’t stand up straight because her thinking wasn’t right. Long ago seeds were planted into her mind by a spirit sent on assignment from the underworld-… the world where hatred brewed wicked potions of revenge. Witchcraft curses of great magnitude were concocted in the oven of pride and retaliation there. 

“Bound” had an open door through which curses came in without notice. The door was opened first by Cain when he slew Abel and then by the ancestors in her bloodline. Alas, the seed of murder was passed down undetected in each generation, with no one realizing that anger brought hatred and murder with it.

“Get Even,” who was “Bound”’s cousin, plotted continually to get revenge, sending spirits from hell to all that she hated and despised. Murderous thoughts brewed in her mind night and day because of deep, unhealed wounds within, and because pride had an indwelling place in her heart. She especially hated her cousin being jealous and envious of all she had. 

Both “Get Even” and “Bound” were unlearned in the ways of God and His thoughts, only knowing His acts, which didn’t have the power to transform them. “Get Even”’s heart became hardened making it impossible for her to cry out for help, but “Bound” was different, Because her heart had been given to the Lord, she realized her need for help, and she knew that the truth would deliver her, but knowing God only superficially, she remained in chains unable to free herself. 

A little bird called “Instruction” suddenly came out of nowhere, chirping in a language that she herself didn’t know, except for “Yabba dabba doo!” which she said all the time. “Bound” was frightened by the words that were inintelligible to her. “I don’t know WHAT you’re saying! I need an interpreter!” she shouted a bit angrily. As soon as the words flew out, light flashed like a burning rod and struck the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in her mind. She was able to listen then. 

“It’s time that you let words of life come out of your mouth, “Instruction” admonished. “The interpreter is in YOU!” The words were interpreted instantly, revealing that she had the key all along and that the truth in the flow of the river in her belly had been dammed up. 

The heavens opened with another flash of lightning and the bells of holiness rang, giving the words great power to set her free. A warmth filled her entire being and she instantly found herself singing a new song in the language of cherubims with joy beyond anything she had ever experienced. The gift to “open up” was given to her and wow, did she ever, revealing all her glory, …. even fullness of grace. “Bound” was bound no more! She’s “Boundless” now and waiting for all who are called to be part of the Philadelphian church to join her in open heavens and in limitless love. So you, who have been bound,… even you like “Get Even”: Do you know that God is in YOUR mouth to set you free?

If you do, an open door and treasures are coming. Yay! Your grand opening is at the door!

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