A Sure Protection

How many of us would feel insulted if we were told: “Woman, what have I to do with you?” especially if a grown child of ours said this to us? Whew, huh? Calling one’s mother “woman” does seem like a disrespectful thing to say, but the Lord’s words were in reference to a “former level” of being. The water getting changed into wine is a witness of external truth (water) changed into another level (wine: internal truth) becoming our own. Every man psychologically is his understanding and his will, and it is through digesting and assimilating truth, not just being taught it through an external teacher, that we become who we are.

Jesus learned obedience through the things He suffered and yes, he had to be taught by a mother like us. When a man marries a woman, he leaves his mother to be joined with his wife to become one flesh with her. He doesn’t become one flesh with his mother, but she still is in his life. It’s the role that she once occupied that is done away with, not her. Right after Jesus said “What have I to do with you?” He gave His mother instructions and she obeyed him, signifying a reversal of roles. There is a role change in us once Christ is fully formed in us signifying that the spirit rules completely over the soul. We too, will say to our soul: “Woman, what have I to do with you?” 

We are under a school master until we come into perfection, but when we do, we no longer need that master because we are no longer under the law, just as we are no longer under our mother’s rule. Our mother is still with us, but when the change into the next stage comes, we fully walk in the spirit of the law of life having the Word joined with the spirit on a continual basis-….  truth and fullness of grace replace the law. It’s the difference between operating in the gifts of the spirit and having the seven fold Spirit of God. 

For the past year or two, my mother’s face would come into my mind on several occasions, and a couple of times, my grandmother’s face appeared. I believe I was being shown through it that what the mother represents was being worked IN me. When we do what we know (what our mother taught us…. yay, what the law teaches) from our OWN WILLING and feeling, THEN we become transformed. When we learn God’s ways and thoughts and are “doers of His Word,” THEN we reach the stage symbolized by the “wine” of union (the marriage) in which truth is united to “good.” The good wine was at the end of the wedding feast and represents the good that comes from being totally one with the Lord, no longer doing our own will.

It requires much development of understanding and obedience before we become “harmless as doves,” eh?…. before we use the truth only for good, not cutting off ears by insensitively spouting our knowledge. I don’t know about you, but I’ve killed a lot of people in my lifetime by thrusting the letter of the Word at them, and although I knew I was to love everyone, I didn’t. I chose being right, over loving them. Yesterday when I was taking a nap, a wonderful dream was given to me: In it, my son’s dog Ziggy was in bed with me, which he literally was at the time that the vision came. I take care of him during the week when my son and his wife are at work, and yes, I do sleep with dogs. If my grandmother was alive now, she most definitely would not be in bed with a dog. I can still hear her shouting: “Dogs are NOT meant to live in a house!”… She’d be after Ziggy and me with hell to pay

Well, anyway, in the dream, I was experiencing a heavenly thing, not hell. I had my arms wrapped around my son’s dog in such a full, awesome embrace that there’s no way to describe it, and amazingly, the next thing I knew, instead of Ziggy, my grandson was in my arms. It was like a godly abracadabra alakazam took place in the spirit realm. Ziggy’s name means “victory and peace” and “victorious protection,” and my grandson Dawson Michel’s name meanings are “son of David” and “He who is like God,” with David conveying being “lover of ALL.” WHAT A MESSAGE!! I believe we will experience an instant change when we become love. A dog represents “unconditional love” and when we have unconditional love for everyone, yes, yes, YES!- Then we have the victory with our end being peace. (Psalm 37: 37)…. then we are protected…. and then we have the “GOOD” of life, doing good and being full of joy. (Psalm 104: 15)

So hey you, who are following Jesus and becoming like Him: It’s time to put that woman in her place, start making wine, get married…. and oh yes: love a dog!

Hallelujah! a GRANDson is coming, even the SON of God!

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