The Remedy That Gets The Victory

“Remedy,” the white dove of renown sent from ages past, cooed: “I’ve waited so long… so long!” No one heard because all were deaf to her sound. Their ears had been blocked from hearing the messenger of truth by the notorious one called “Justice Denied,” who had placed them all in a prison. He was able to have power because “Unbelief” was the land they lived in where he was the ruling king.

Waiting patiently for the appointed time to come for mankind to know God’s remedy, the dove sat perched in majestic splendor on top of the tree named “Say To Your Mountain.” One whose pain had become unbearable, finally called out to God, wailing with a cry so loud and forlorn, all in Heaven heard it. “HELP ME!” she cried in desperation. “I can’t take it any longer!”

It was decreed by the “Most High God” that those who cried out to Him from the depth of their being would be given ears to hear and also, a name that suited their need. Instantly, the name “Against the Tide” was given to her, but it was not officially documented in the “Book of The Living Stones,” because her first step [the step of stepping out] would have to be made before the name could be sealed. Authority and power had been given, but only through using it could her destiny be sealed,…. even a completely changed nature. Her high calling would become certain through obedience along with grace, and now having hearing ears, seeing eyes and the name “Against The tide,” this empowered one was on her way. She was called to be the first to change, and then to lead others out of the “Land of Unbelief.”

An announcement was made from Heaven to all were in misery in that land, having lost their faith: “Hear ye, hear ye! If you do not put on glory, grace and power, you will remain as you are, captives of “Justice Denied.” You will not be able to come out of your prison cells of misery. … The gavel of the “Almighty Judge” banged hard on his desk of “Righteous Compensation.” Hear ye! Hear ye! Hear ye!” he emphasized: “The time has come for overcomers to arise and enter the “Kingdom of God,” not just see it. Who will do so?” he thundered.

Having the boldness that came now from her new name’s empowerment, “Against the Tide” shouted: “I will! I will do it in the Spirit of the One Who was, and is, and is to come!” Indeed, bold authority had a dwelling place in this changed one who had called out, believed, received, and spoke life into being. She had not only been given ears to hear, but eyes to see, and she saw “Remedy” perched high on the tree “Say To The Mountain.” She was determined to eat the fruit of that tree, and how easy it was for her to do so because her heart was right. The fruit was within her grasp, and as she took hold of it, her good end was in view. God was in her mouth, the tide was changing and all destined to come out of the “Land of Unbelief” would soon be following her.

The Lord Jesus prayed to the Father that all would be one: He said: “As you, Father are in me, and I in you, that they also may be one in us.” (John 17: 21) Can you hear “Remedy” and “Against The Tide” beckoning you to fulfill His prayer and your calling? Oh speak to your mountain now and become “ONE”….. even “The Remedy” that this world needs!

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