No Longer Namby-pamby

“Namby-pamby” did not like himself. He wanted to be strong, vibrant, vigorous, decisive, courageous, and powerful, but alas, try as he might, he remained namby- pamby. One day a temptress called “Seduction” came to him and whispered provocatively, revealing her half-naked breasts: “I have what you want and need. Come with me and I’ll take you to the high places where you will be filled with power, ecstasy and wonder, and you will come to be known as a man worthy of great honor.”

“Namby” was overtaken by her outward beauty and promising words of all that he desired, and consequently succumbed to her enticement. The high places and grandeur were in his dreams, so off he went with her, never uttering a prayer to the One who bought him with His blood. “Seduction’s” words seemed so right, since desire already had hold of him, even before the temptress came.

Oh how happy he was thinking to himself: “Now my name can be changed,” and thought continually about how wonderful he was going to be. “Seduction” had him tied in entrapment’s knots, and knowing that one of his biggest desires was to be finely dressed, she brought out the religious garb she had personally picked out for him-…. such ornate clothing it was, of gaudy, flashy gold material with black and blue crosses embroidered into the fabric with multicolored jewels on it that looked real, but were fake. Oh my! “Pamby” was spellbound, and immediately decked himself with religion’s best, thinking he looked so grand. Off the two of them went to the high places which were in Babylon, the city renowned for all its observances, traditions, and pomp.

When “Namby” and “Seduction” arrived, a guard with glaring eyes stood at the entrance. “Do you have the password?” he demanded in an intimidating way. “Namby” didn’t, but “seduction” whispered its name “Deception” to the guard in a garbled voice that “Namby” couldn’t hear. The gates of the city immediately flung open, and cheers of welcome sounded throughout the city of “False Religion,” proclaiming joy over another seduced one coming into the kingdom. The numbers were rapidly increasing because most thought that “Babylon” and the “City of Light” were the same, and that the high places were of God ordained for true worship. They had forgotten, or never knew that only in the “Holy of Holies” could pure worship exist. The meek and lowly ones, the ones who had heard the voice of the “Beloved” to come out of Babylon, were not found in the high places, but rather in the low places seeking the lost to share the glorious gospel with them. These humble ones knew that the seat of worship was in spirit and in truth, because it was in the spirit of the heart that the height of the Lord Jesus Christ could be known… It was there that joy could be found.

Poor “Namby-pamby!” Here he was in the clutches of “Seduction,” thinking he would ascend to God and experience ecstasy in Babylon, not realizing that he was deceived. As he looked into the faces of everyone there, he didn’t see the joy he expected to be in them, for every face was covered by the mask of hypocrisy. A lot of hoopla was going on, pious sounding prayers with no anointing in them, hollow chants, old dogma repeated over and over again, and songs of worship to anti- (instead of) Christ. Owls fluttered over the city with morose sounding hoots that gladdened no one.

“What IS this place?“ “Namby” cried out to the One he knew who heard the cries of His people. The “Holy Spirit” within him gave a thump in his belly, and replied quickly: “This is the place of the dead who believe that they are alive and that the word of truth is spoken by their false leaders. Get OUT “Namby”! Run for your life before your heart turns cold, and you no longer know who you are and why you exist. It is not to pay homage to men and to bow down, denying the One Who deserves all of your love and attention. Run! Look: Angels are waiting at the gate to carry you out of this God forsaken place. The guards cannot prevent the ones whose hearts are fully turned to the Lord from going on to the green pastures beyond, where the “Good Shepherd” awaits them.”

“Namby” knew the holy voice of the spirit that was bringing new life to him at that moment. A cry roared out of him that was so loud, all of the city heard it: “AS for me and my house, we will serve the Lord,” he shouted, and his feet became like hind’s feet speedily taking him to his ordained destination. It was just as the still small voice told him: The angels were waiting for him there, and as they spread their huge wings out to fly, he, too, found himself with spread out wings journeying with them to where the “Good Shepherd” was feeding the sheep. A banner hung over all who were assembled to Him with the word “Faithful,” boldly written in the blood of the Lamb on it. Upon his arrival, a proclamation was made over “Namby”: “You, who have been so weak and powerless because your eyes have been blind, are now being given new eyes, new power and a new name… Your name “Strength and Purity” will be like a badge of honor that all men might know that the reward of a new nature is given to everyone who overcomes the flesh, the world, the devil and Babylon‘s influence over them. You have overcome that which overcame you…. even a nature defiled,…. a nature deceived, but now have a nature no longer unrighteous, and you will be like the sun, the moon and the stars shining sevenfold. The name “Strength and Purity”’s is more than a name. It’s the essence of every overcomer foreknown before the beginning of time.”

So all you, who are weak in character like “Namby-pamby” was, and are out there in the Harlot’s religious system, can you hear the voice of your bridegroom calling?: “Come out of Babylon! Make haste my “Beloved,” and be like a roe or a young hart upon the mountains of spices.

You’re MINE!”

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