Gone Off The Cliff With Donald Trump

For the longest time, I believed that when I had a dream of someone, it was about him or her. I am shaking my head and saying a loud “uh, uh!” right now. Most of my dreams have not been about them, but instead, about an aspect of their personalities in me, or simply the meaning of their names relaying truth I needed to know. I wish I had remembered this at the times I went off course in my interpretations like a rocket ship to the place of no light:…. even the “darkness of understanding” in my mind. I believe a great temptation for all believers is to misunderstand dreams, visions, and God’s Word, using our natural reasoning mind instead of waiting on the Spirit to quicken revelation to us.

So let me establish this straight on: My dream last night had nothing to do with Donald Trump personally. In it, he and I were speeding along in a convertible sports car and he was the one driving us…. right off the cliff of a high mountain. Yikes! I can’t remember the words of life I decreed in those moments of going down, down, down, but I was astonished that the car never turned over, and that both we and it were fine,…. even as though nothing ever happened. Whew!

So what was this dream all about, eh? The etymology of “sport” literally means “to carry away (the mind from serious matters,) from “to lead, pass over.” The sports car being a convertible reveals that an uncovering of something was taking place that would do away with wrong thinking. A car represents a life, person or ministry, Donald’s name means “world-ruler, and Trump has several meanings with some of them being: “surpass, deceive,” and a “message.” Amazingly, they all seem to be applicable in this dream.

Because the Lord says that His thoughts are not our thoughts and that His ways or not our ways, it’s no surprise that we think and do things amiss, no matter how spiritually mature we are. None of us know all His thoughts and ways, but are simply in the process of learning them, and sometimes through making mistakes. 

I believe that the dream is a teaching “message” not only for me, but for the body of Christ revealing that when we are led and ruled by worldly thinking (Donald driving,) we’re going to have a fall because of having been deceived. But all along, it’s God’s plan that our thinking be converted, and consequently our actions,…. not by self effort though, but by believing and decreeing the Word of God, like I did in the dream. It’s in knowing that “all things are working together for the good….,” and by allowing the Word of God to come through our mouths, that no weapon formed against us can prosper and harm us,…not even our mistakes. They are TRUMPED by the One Whose power is in us.

2 Cor. 4: 11 has come to mind now, which states that “we are always delivered unto death, so that the life of Jesus may be manifested in our mortal bodies.” Because we know that God’s anointing in us will trump all the negatives that come from the carnal mind (death), we can be a “good sport” in every situation.

Yay!….even the “MOP”’s that will clean up the playing fields of the world. Hallelujah!

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  1. Fascinating thoughts! I have had several dreams with Trump in them too. I looked up his name and found it means something like “world ruler.” I, too, have come to understand that more often than not, individuals in our dreams are symbols as opposed to being about that person.

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