Tension Has Got To Go

“Tense” couldn’t go on any longer… Her nerves were frayed and her will to change had become almost nonexistent. She didn’t realize this was actually a good thing because “Self-effort” was soon going to know her demise. This one had been with “Tense” for so long that she had become like a siamese twin attached to her. “Tense” had not realized the effect that her injured libido had on her life. She also didn’t recognize the impure motive that came in at the time when “False Identity” replaced “Innocence” which was her true self. “Can man know the way he should take?”… Absolutely not, but men think they know and God allows them to go their own way and make their own plans for a season.

“Tense” was one who was aware that her own way was not what she should choose, but for a long period of time in her life, she let others make choices for her. She had come to the end of doing that, and was now at the crossroad all men must come to-.… She had learned to turn to God for wisdom, but her daughter “Unbelief” had become a major stumbling block along with “Presumption,” another daughter, who always went ahead of God. As they all lived together in one house, her daughters had a strong influence on her, and when she succumbed to their influence, tension and unproductiveness set in.

“Tense” did not know who she truly was yet, and because of this she could not stand on her own and was unable to kick “False Identity” out whose name was ”Self-rule.” Such a stronghold “Self-rule” was and is in everyone’s life… so strong that few were found on earth who had pure motives.

The question: “Why do you want to become great?” was asked to every man. There were some who flippantly responded: “For the glory of God,” which was the right answer, but those who flippantly gave it, did so because their minds knew the answer, but their hearts still wanted the glory for themselves. Such a dilemma confronted every man. How could they change a heart that was so deceitful and exceedingly wicked?

Indeed, HOW?!?

Categories: Allegories, Writings

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